Cane decides not to press charges against Katherine! (

Recently, was happy to find a lovely email of introduction in our inbox from Y&R’s Daniel Goddard (Cane Ashby, The Young and the Restless). Daniel had nothing but good things to say about, the layout of our site and the terrific fans! We were pleased when he requested an interview with us and hope that our readers enjoy getting to know Genoa City’s newest loved character!

Chrissi: The first thing we’re curious about is your schedule. A few days ago, we discussed why you didn’t have a myspace site up yet. You told me that you had been pretty busy. Why not outline a typical day for you?

Daniel: Firstly I would like to say hello and thank you to all of the fans on your site that have been so wonderful with their praise and comments. It’s a great feeling to know that Cane is so welcome on the show. Thank you! I love stopping by and seeing what is going on. You have a fantastic site and it is something that you should be very proud of.

A typical day starts with getting Ford (my 1 year old) out of bed. It is one of my favorite things to do in the entire world. He wakes up generally around 6am I make him a bottle and then he either gets into bed with Rachael (my wife) and I and we just hang out and play or we go downstairs have breakfast and play.

If I’m working that day I leave by 6:30 am to beat traffic get to work by 7:30 am. I like to figure my scenes out well in advance; I have always been like this. Once I know what the scene is about I am then able to learn the dialogue and figure out how it fits into the grand scheme of things. That being said I don’t start learning it that morning, but I start running it with Judd the dialogue coach when I get to work.

My days off are usually taken up with either family or other business things. Rachael has a product line called ‘Le Chic Chick’ it is basically everything a girl needs to know in a box. Le Chic Chick and another called Le Chic Home which is everything you need to know about decorating, styling and warming up the home. Rachael also has a design renovation business Paint Designer D’cor I like to build and do construction in general and so I help her with the business as needed.

I have some other side projects which are various stages of development or completion. One is a documentary that I Produced and Directed that follows a mother trying to save the life of the pedophile that killed her 6 year old from the death penalty in Louisiana. It is a sad yet heartfelt story about a woman who although her life that has been ruined has managed to find compassion and make a difference.

It is amazing how fast time passes by. I used to measure it by trash night. I’d say, “Wow is it Tuesday again?” now I measure it by getting Ford out of bed. The only difference is that every morning is a blessing because I get to see his face again.

Chrissi: Generally, how often are you in the studio, and where can you be found when not taping? For example, are you in your dressing room rehearsing with other actors, or hanging out in makeup?!

Daniel: I’m usually working on the scenes. I like to keep my head where it needs to be. But, that being said, everyone at the show is so much fun to hang out with. Everyone has such a great time in the make-up room. I think you’ll find on most productions it is the epicenter of the action. I joke with the Hair and Make Up guys and girls that this is where the real soap takes place, because you could walk in stressed about something and within seconds you are laughing your butt off.

Chrissi: Please, give us a low down on one day in the life, from working in the studio, to memorizing all those lines!

Daniel: The studio is fun. It moves fast. And everyone is on their game. We have a fantastic crew. True Pros. Every one gets on so well, and that made it easy for me to get up to speed. I am so lucky to work with such a wonderful group of people.

As far as memorizing the lines. I am but a novice, have seen some of my fellow cast mates read it a couple of times and have it down. I totally respect them for that. I think that is why they are so good at what they do. When I work with Jeanne and Adrienne I am in awe of how they learn their work.