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Against all odds, Young & Restless’ Summer and Kyle have managed to keep their marriage on track, even as his mother was charged with murdering her mother, a development that might have caused a seismic divide for many a couple. But how long can they keep it up? Summer’s portrayer Allison Lanier’s latest word on all things ‘Skyle’ left us feeling a little leery about what’s to come.

Before we get into what’s ahead, let’s look back. A key issue that’s caused problems for Summer and Kyle previously was that old soap favorite — keeping secrets. Kyle agreed to work with Victor to push Adam out of Jabot even though Summer had asked him not to, and kept it hidden from her for that very reason. When she inevitably found out, he had to put in work to earn her forgiveness.
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Moving forward, Summer and Kyle declared there would be no more secrets between them, which is how we knew that one or both of them would soon be keeping an absolute whopper to themselves.

Yet even through all the turmoil involving Phyllis and Diane, Summer and Kyle had one another’s backs. When Diane was accused of murdering Phyllis, they didn’t split. They did, however, have some pretty harrowing encounters that made it seem as though they might. In fact, Kyle voiced his concern that they wouldn’t make it to more than one person as the crisis played out. Of course, when a character begins fearing their marriage won’t survive, we call that foreshadowing.

Still, no one had kept a secret… until Phyllis turned up alive and revealed herself to Summer in the park, confessing all and swearing her to secrecy. Young & Restless viewers knew that Summer’s decision not to tell Kyle, and to let his mother remain in her jail cell, was a game-changer.

Just when it looked as though there was no way out for these two, Daniel put a twist into the works designed to save his sister from herself so to speak. He told Kyle that Phyllis was alive, but lied that she had reached out to him, thus letting Summer off the hook. Kyle never need know that his wife had kept such a gargantuan secret from him… right?
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Except that Daniel didn’t tell Summer his plans, so she could inadvertently say something to give herself away even after Kyle goes to her with the news that her mother is alive. What if she inadvertently reveals that she knows Stark was killed with scissors, for example?

Of course, Summer may manage to roll with Daniel’s version of events, which would make ‘Skyle’ fans breathe a sigh of relief… but not so fast. There’s still a huge wildcard out there — and it goes by the name of Phyllis.

When, not if, she decides to return to town, who wants to bet that Summer’s secret about the secret-keeping will be safe with her mother? Not us. One little slip of the tongue is all it will take for Kyle to discover the truth — it was Summer and not Daniel who Phyllis reached out to and met with in the park.

It’s a reveal that the marriage would not survive as fans well know. With the walls closing in and teasers alluding to Kyle hooking up with another woman, it’s a nerve-wracking time. Perhaps that’s why Twitter user Izzy asked Lanier, “Girl, give us a hint on what’s coming for ‘Skyle’.”

Naturally, she couldn’t give away what’s coming, but her cryptic response was enough to let us know that whatever it is, it’s probably not good. Lanier warned, “All I know is y’all are prob not ready lol.” Egad. This sounds big… like May Sweeps big.

‘Skyle’ fans reacted mostly with dread, although some were already embracing the impending shake-up. AmberElle checked in and declared she is “ready for the mess” while Always Shipping chimed in to say, “Some of us want ‘Chummer’ (Chance and Summer).”

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