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Thanksgiving came early for Melissa Ordway — real early! On May 15, the actress marveled at her decade on The Young and the Restless and expressed her gratitude for the roller-coaster ride that she’s gotten to take as Abby.

Playing the daughter of not one but two iconic characters “is a dream come true!” she exclaimed. “Today marks 10 years of Young & Restless bliss!”


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On- and Off-Screen Changes

And the adventure continues. “Abby has been in several catfights, [gotten] married, engaged, started her own successful business, been very unlucky in love, become a mother and grown up so much!” the actress said. “So have I… Thankfully more lucky in the love dept — thanks, Justin Gaston. I’ve had two babies, raised them in the CBS halls, remarried my own husband on TV [when he filled in as Chance], had lots of fun and now have co-workers who are like family.

“Thank you for watching, and thank you for letting me live my dream,” she concluded. “Happy 10 years of Abby Newman. Love you all, especially my Young & Restless family!”

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Soon, Devon may not have to flee with Dom when these two are in the same room!

Credit: Howard Wise/JPI

The Unlikeliest of Developments

Currently, Abby is all boo’d up with Devon, thus forming a very different kind of merger between two of Genoa City’s most powerful families. But she could soon become even more formidable — that is, if she goes along with the proposition that is laid before her.

Unthinkable as it is, Tucker is going to try to make amends to Abby on Friday, May 19. Which he would seem to stand about as much chance of pulling off as the rain not being wet. However, should she soften toward the schemer who cheated right and left on her mother, a whole new family dynamic could be formed between him, Ashley and Abby — one that would leave Victor grinding his teeth in irritation!

And hey, if Tucker can get past the fact that Abby once ran him down with her car… maybe anything is possible. Review Ordway’s wild run as Abby (as well as her predecessors’) in the below photo gallery.