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Young & Restless’ Phyllis has been on a collision course with consequences since she revealed herself to her daughter Summer in the park, very much alive despite her supposed tragic death just days before… and it looks like it’s time to pay the proverbial piper, who just might look a lot like one Diane Jenkins.

Some would say it was risky showing up to meet her daughter in a public park, given that Phyllis was committed to staying dead after killing Jeremy Stark in self-defense. But the real jeopardy proved to be in assuming that Summer could shoulder the load she dropped on her alone. Despite Phyllis specifically telling Summer that her brother couldn’t be told she was alive, the young woman, who was almost literally spinning from the twists and turns her life had been taking, decided to confide in Daniel.

Of course, the reason Phyllis didn’t bring her son into the loop from the get-go was because she knew he’d want to “do the right thing” and that’s exactly how it played out when he realized that his mother had framed Diane for a murder she didn’t commit.

It wasn’t long before Daniel showed up at the Abbott mansion and told a version of the truth. One that was designed to keep Summer out of trouble, given she’d been lying to her husband, and with any luck, get Phyllis off the hook for stabbing Stark to death with scissors.

All Kyle and Jack heard was that Phyllis was alive (meaning Diane is innocent), which brings us to Daniel in the preview, standing in Crimson Lights and telling a stunned Chelsea that he’s just waiting for “bombs to explode.”

What follows in the clip involves the detonation that can be heard across Genoa City when Diane finds out that Phyllis is alive and set her up. Declaring that the redhead had “nearly destroyed my life”, Diane told her son, Kyle, that his mother-in-law was “pure evil”.

But Diane’s not the only one who finds out that Phyllis is still walking the earth. Watch the full preview video below.

What price to you think Phyllis will pay for her deception? Let us know in the comment section below.

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