Daniel gives Summer Hell GH
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In a Young & Restless preview for the week of May 8 – 12, Daniel berates his sister. Read what happens and watch the preview below.

Jack was stunned to learn Tucker had moved into the Abbott household with Ashley, though in separate rooms. Jack felt this was Ashley’s way of getting revenge for him moving Diane in, and warned Tucker not to hurt Ashley yet again. Ashley meanwhile continued to believe Diane was a danger to her brother and the family company. Jack continued to stand by Diane, even though the case against her grew stronger each day. However Michael finally delivered good news to Diane, he was getting her out of jail. Coming up, the last person you might expect offers to help Diane. Tucker tells Diane, “You need a way out of here. I can give you that.”

Summer finally told Daniel the truth about their mother Phyllis being alive and responsible for Stark’s death. He couldn’t believe Summer could be okay with letting Diane go down for a murder she didn’t commit. He even pointed out their mother has now faked her own death just like Diane did. Net week, Daniel fumes at Summer, “What’s it like when Kyle holds you in his arms and tries to comfort you because he thinks that you’re grieving?! And what’s it like knowing how upset he is about his mother?! His mother who he just started to rebuild a relationship with?” Summer winces as her brother hollers, “How can you look him in the eyes knowing that you could take all that pain away, but instead you just keep choosing to lie to him?!”

After learning Sally was pregnant with Adam’s child, and still involved with his other son Nick, Victor offered to financially back Sally’s business ventures, as long as she left town, and her child with the Newmans to raise.  Nick rightly fumed when Sally informed him of his father’s offer. Next week Sally gets a different offer. Adam tells Sally, “I’m not offering you cash. I’m offering you a job… working for me.” Will she take him up on it? And if she does, how will Victor respond?

Before the memorial honoring Neil, Tucker and Devon connected and found some common ground. Devon even invited him to the gathering. At the memorial, Devon was surprised when his mom, Yolanda Hamilton arrived. And he’s in for a second shock as this week, Malcolm walks into the jazz lounge, where Lily, Devon, and Nate are hanging out, and says, “For my brother, family was everything.” Lily gawps, “Oh my God,” and Devon asks, “What are you doing here, man?” They embrace.

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