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It was last month when Young & Restless fans were sent reeling after Eric Braeden revealed a bladder cancer diagnosis that had come after issues cropped up with his prostate. Although he was first given the all-clear by one doctor, a second examination told a different story.

Indeed, Braeden refers to his initial misdiagnosis in his new interview with ET, in which he revealed that he’s “feeling pretty good” and “taking it on” when asked about his battle with bladder cancer.

The star is currently undergoing immunotherapy to combat high-grade cancer cells found after his surgery.

During the interview, Braeden became just a tad emotional when he received a special message from ESPN sports commentator Stephen A. Smith wishing him well. As many well know, the actor, as he puts it, is “from the sports world”, and so the video, in which he urged Braeden to “keep your head up” and “stay on the grind” meant a lot.

Although he appeared to pause to wipe away a tear after listening to Smith’s message, he wasn’t so overcome that he couldn’t take a playful jab at his pal’s TV viewing habits. Braeden joked of Smith, “One of the brightest people I’ve ever met, except he watches the wrong show. He watches General Hospital.” Of course, he followed up with, “I’m kidding.”

Circling back to the cancer diagnosis, Braeden assured concerned viewers, “This is manageable,” which is a relief to hear. See the full interview for more below:

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Video: ET