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Pretty much since the moment that Young & Restless’ Sally got mixed up with Victor’s sons, he’s had it out for her. Tuesday, he even went so far as to offer the mom-to-be a bribe to leave Genoa City — and leave her daughter behind to be raised on the ranch.

And we’re mystified, utterly mystified. Victor said that, given his history, he understood how hard it must have been for Sally to be abandoned by her parents. And as someone who had to blaze his own trail in the corporate world, taking no prisoners along the way, he’d have to admire Sally’s stick-to-it-ness; no matter how many times she gets knocked down, she gets right back up. Plus, if she’s made mistakes along the way, he’d have to get that, too; he ain’t nicknamed the Black Knight ’cause he’s Mr. Nice Guy!

Victor ballistic Y&R

This is how big a problem I have with that woman.”

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So WTH is his beef with Sally? It can’t be that she doesn’t come from money. Way back when, he was very supportive of Nick crossing over to the wrong side of the tracks to be with penniless Sharon. Victor never gave an E-I-E-I-O about the fact that late wife Hope had more hay than cash. And Nikki — aka the love of his life — was a stripper when he met her!

Victor’s objection can’t be that Sally is a schemer, either, not given the way he spends his every waking minute hatching plots. And she is certainly no bigger a conniver than Nick and Adam’s exes, Phyllis and Chelsea. (Not that Victor championed those relationships, either.) Wouldn’t — or shouldn’t — the tycoon appreciate Sally’s slyness? A daughter-in-law like her could prove to be an invaluable asset to the dynasty.

Maybe Victor is just too caught up in Sally’s past escapades to think that she can be weaponized. Her litany of sins is pretty impressive. Check out highlights in the below photo gallery.