Audra tells Elana truth YR
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In a Young & Restless preview for the week of May 1 – 5, Victoria and Nature give into temptation. Read what happens and watch the preview below.

Nate and Victoria have been dancing around one another at work for weeks now, even giving in to stolen kisses. When they almost gave into temptation at the office, they were interrupted by Nick. Nick let his sister and Nate know this was not a good idea. And even though Nate has tried to stay faithful to Elena, when Victoria invited him on a trip to L.A. to scout out new streaming platforms, he just couldn’t say no. When Audra learned they were going together, she wasn’t about to let Elena be duped any longer by Nate.

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In L.A., Nate and Victoria have lunch and he suggests they make the most of this moment. Victoria lets him know that he’s very hard to say no to. Before you know it, they are engulfed in passion and ripping one another’s clothing off!

Back in Genoa City, Audra asks Elena if Nate told her he was going to L.A. alone. She confirms he did, so Audra lets her know that he went with Victoria. Before you know it, Elena is in L.A. confronting her scoundrel of a boyfriend and his mistress demanding to know what is going on between them!

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