Chance questions Summer
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In a Young & Restless preview for the week of May 1 – 5, Audra breaks some big news to Elena. Read what happens and watch the preview below.

After Tucker signed away his company to Victor, he let Ashley know what he had done and that he was leaving town. He felt he had tried with Devon and her and failed, and there was no place in this town for him. She suggested there was, and that he could move in with her! She realized she was not ready to let him go and proved it by pulling him into a kiss. Next week, Jack gets one hell of a morning greeting from Tucker, in a robe and carrying a tray with breakfast and a rose on it. Tucker greets Jack and says, “Good morning! Coffee?”

Nate let Audra know he would be traveling to L.A. for a few days in order to check out some new streaming platforms. When she asked to go with him, he let her know Victoria was already his traveling partner. He later told Elena about the trip, but said he was going alone. Coming up, Audra asks Elena, “Did Nate tell you he was going to L.A. alone?” Elena says, “Yes.” Audra replies, “Well, he didn’t. He went with Victoria.” The tears in Elena’s eyes suggest she’s known something is going on…

Summer was speechless when her very much alive mother revealed herself to her in the park. Phyllis pleaded with Summer that no one could know she was alive, and told her the entire story of how Stark manipulated her, and when she tried to break free, he ended up dead. Phyllis begged her daughter to just give her time to come up with a plan that would fix everything. Of course, Summer did the one thing Phyllis asked her not to do, and told her brother Daniel, who had a hard time believing his sister wasn’t having a meltdown. In a tease of what’s to come,  Chance tells Summer, “If you know something, or if you’ve learned something new, you can tell me.” Will she trust him, or keep her mother’s secret?

Keep an eye out for new Young & Restless spoilers to learn what Ashley asks Billy for help with.

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