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It’s been a minute since Sharon Case has had any material to really sink her teeth into on Young & Restless. Fans of Case and her character, Sharon Newman, have been vocal about the need for her to feature in a new storyline… and apparently sometimes wishes do come true…

Case just received a well-deserved Daytime Emmy nomination for her work last year on Young & Restless, and we don’t mean the endless scenes of her pouring coffee and doling out advice. Her performance in the scenes where Sharon learned Rey had died in a crash was raw, heartbreaking, and definitely award-winning. Sadly, that’s really the last time that she was called upon to show her chops as a leading lady.
Sharon Nick Y&R

There’s been a whiff of a romance developing between Sharon and Rey’s former partner Chance recently, and that’s been a hopeful sign of more significant screen time for the beloved character. With ex-husbands Adam and Nick battling over relative newcomer Sally Spectra, who wouldn’t want to see Sharon find some ‘love in the afternoon’ all of her own… however fleeting it may prove to be?

If nothing else, Sharon and Chance’s developing attraction has provided a much-needed opportunity for the blonde to get out of the coffee house and onto another set. After months of flirting, the pair finally went on a dinner date, where they wound up in the Neil Winters Jazz Lounge, aka, the scene of the crime Chance is currently investigating. As is wont to happen when you’re dating a police officer, the night got cut short when he was called away. Happily, the time they did get to spend together was spent laughing together and smiling at each other.
Sharon Chance Y&R

New revelations, however, hint that the fling with Chance (if there’s to be one at all) could be short-lived… or that he’ll be facing some competition from a not-so-unexpected source.

In a recent interview discussing her Daytime Emmy nod with Michael Fairman, Case revealed that she’s been working on a “big” new storyline.

How big? Case shared that she hadn’t even had time to “think” about what she might wear to the Daytime Emmys and divulged, “I’m rarely not at the studio.”

Although she didn’t provide details, she did tease that the day she found out about her nomination, she was sharing scenes with Joshua Morrow, who plays her ex, Nick. On the surface, that’s not earth-shattering. The couple often interacts given that they share children and he’s a regular visitor to Crimson Lights, but given where the Adam/Sally/Nick love triangle is inevitably headed, it’s a safe bet that Nick will end up back in Sharon’s orbit when his relationship Sally either ends or becomes even more challenging. That’s not good news for “Shance” fans, but it sure would be for the “Shick” contingent.
Nick, Sharon update Y&R

Intriguingly, she also mentioned that she was working with someone else who she couldn’t name as it would give the nature of the story away.

The possibilities here are many and varied. Will we finally meet Sharon’s dad? Will her cancer come back? Will she be tangling with someone from the past (given that revealing the identity of her co-star would tip fans off)? Will Rey come back from the dead? Hey, it’s a soap, anything could happen.

While we don’t yet know exactly what Case’s huge new storyline entails, there’s no question we’re excited about it. Share your guesses on what the big story may be (or what you’d like it to be) in the comments.

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