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The conversation didn’t go very well — at all — the last time Victor confronted Nick about Sally on Young & Restless, so we’re not sure why the Mustache would think that giving it another go would garner better results. Perhaps, it’s because he’ll go about it another way this time…

When Victor first squared off with Nick in the Newman Enterprises offices, he took the old-school approach of yelling and name-calling as he endeavored to shame Nick for dating Sally while she was carrying his brother’s child. He blew off Nick’s feelings for the redhead and accused him of staying involved with Spectra to torture Adam. Nick, of course, is “crazy about” Sally, per Joshua Morrow in SOD, and was left fuming over his father’s presumptions. He stormed off, but not before warning his dear ol’ dad not to mess with Sally, who doesn’t deserve it.
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Victor has heeded his son’s warning — so far — but don’t expect it to last.

This week, Nick is called to meet with his father at Abby’s restaurant, where he finds himself on the receiving end of a proposal. When Nick arrives, Victor says he’s acquired McCall Unlimited and intends to have Adam run it as planned. However, he’d like his eldest son to make the switch from Newman Enterprises, where he is COO to Victoria, to McCall, where he would back up Adam.

Unsurprisingly, Nick wants nothing to do with the idea. While Adam and Nick’s former animosity cooled considerably after Faith received a life-saving kidney from her uncle, and they’ve managed to stay on a fairly even keel through Sally’s pregnancy thus far, old habits die hard and tension remains.
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It will not come as a shock then, to hear that Nick walks out on his father for the second time in as many weeks. Particularly when you consider that Victor shows his hand just prior to that, and it ain’t pretty. Victor wants Nick to work with Adam so that he will realize how strongly his brother feels for the mother-to-be of his child and, essentially, be guilted into calling it quits with her. We coulda told the Black Knight this wouldn’t work, but when he’s determined to get his way, he’s like the proverbial bull in a china shop.

So, what will Victor do after Nick turns him down? Take another approach, of course. He’s determined to meddle on this one and curry favor with Adam, who he is wooing back into the family fold.

After Nick turns him down, Victor only has one avenue left open to him. As Morrow previewed, his father’s next move will undoubtedly involve “shady machinations when it comes to Sally”. Morrow also teased that Nick will find out about said shady machinations, which means it’s all lining up to be very messy indeed.

If we had a say, we’d tell Victor that Sally and Adam are slowly growing closer, and left to their own free will, would probably realize the depth of their feelings for one another and end up back together eventually. His meddling will only serve to further entrench Sally and Nick in the positions they’re in, thus prolonging the inevitable.

Worse, if Nick finds out Victor has accused Sally of playing both brothers against each other he’ll go ballistic. And if Adam finds out his dad has gone on the attack with the redhead, he may tell him to stick McCall where the sun doesn’t shine! This has the potential to blow up spectacularly.
Adam tells Victor about Sally baby CBS

On the other hand, Victor has a way of getting what he wants and his tactics may leave him in the bad books with his sons, while still accomplishing his goal. A means to an end, if you will.

What do you think will go down between Victor and Sally? Will he go on the attack or finesse the situation? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section.

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