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Credit: Monty Brinton/CBS via Getty Images

Over the years, The Young and the Restless‘ Jill has had a few brushes with the law, though not quite as many as you’d expect for someone who can be as vindictive and manipulative as her! She’s certainly never been above slapping a few faces, but outright crimes have never been her thing.

But while Jill has managed to avoid ending up on the wrong side of the law for too long, Jess Walton had one memorable brush with the FBI back in the ’70s. Or maybe we should say she had a brush with The F.B.I.!

Back before she landed on soaps, Walton made a career guest starring on some of the biggest shows out there — and a ton of them were detective shows like Kojack, Ironside and Barnaby Jones! She’s far from the only soap star who started out doing guest roles on popular television dramas. All My Children‘s late David Canary (Adam/Stuart Chandler) did something similar, though he’d made a name for himself in TV westerns — probably most notably for his role as ranch foreman Candy Canaday on Bonanza.

And while we have a feeling Jill and Adam would have gotten along just swell if they’d ever crossed paths, sadly, daytime TV doesn’t quite work like that. But there was that one time we came darn close! Back in the ’60s and ’70s Walton and Canary had both done episodes of Gunsmoke — but they hadn’t been together.

Fate, however, did bring these two future daytime legends together for one special episode of The F.B.I. in the seventh season episode “The Last Job.” These days, it can be tough to find some of these old episodes, but Walton gave us a peek on Instagram when she shared a still from their episode together.

The fans loved seeing this time capsule of two legends. As Lisa Miller put it, “Oh my goodness! Two of the greatest GOATS” — which makes them doubly great! But it took Eileen Davidson (Ashley) to just cut right to the chase, declaring, “Hottie!”

It’s amazing to see two actors flying high back in their early days while knowing that there were so many more heights for them to climb in the years to come!

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