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Phyllis’ storyline on Young & Restless exploded in the aftermath of Genoa City’s Bicentennial as, just when we thought she’d be laying low, or even sipping drinks on a beach beside the dastardly but hella good-looking Jeremy Stark, everything went haywire. If you haven’t seen the mega plot twist yet, let us just tell you it’s gasp-worthy.

Michelle Stafford, who plays Phyllis, issued a spoiler alert as she began her latest social media post, which was her goodbye message to James Hyde as he exits Young & Restless. But it wasn’t just a farewell… it also contained a fun tease.

Phyllis resisted Jeremy’s (Hyde) attempts to convince her to team up against Diane until she was at her wit’s end. Finally, at odds with both of her children, who weren’t buying that Diane was the “big bad” their mother was making her out to be, Phyllis snapped and put her eggs in Stark’s basket.

The plan they concocted was extreme to say the least — they would get married, Phyllis would take poison to frame Diane while Jeremy planted evidence and pointed the finger at her after the fact, stage an ambulance explosion with bodies from the morgue, and finally, they would disappear separately, with Stark taking his cut from the redhead’s bank account.

Of course, it all went sideways after Phyllis dressed up in disguise and watched her kids heartbrokenly mourning her at her memorial service — because who didn’t see that coming?!

Phyllis wanted to back out and Stark was having none of it, given he’d be implicated no matter how she handled her reappearance. Red tried her best to deal with the disgruntled and intimidating criminal she was holed up with in a motel, but in the end, he came at her with a pair of scissors.

As predicted in this week’s Restless Rant, Stark was no match for Phyllis, who ended up turning the shears on him in what we can only assume was an act of self-defence during the struggle in the motel bathroom.

The next thing we knew Phyllis was dragging the body out the door wrapped in a shower curtain, because even though Phyllis killed him to save herself there has to be a cover-up. Nevermind that it was the perfect crime, really, because she’s dead — who would ever suspect her?!

Ah well, Jeremy Stark is not-so-dearly departed and full of holes and Michelle Stafford is down one more onscreen husband and partner in crime. In her goodbye missive, she told Hyde, “Thank you for being such a joy to work with!! We all love you!” Stafford then continued, “Thank you for being such a positive spirit on set and a great scene partner.”

So sweet… but it gets better. The redhead, comically, then issued an apology: “I’m sorry the marriage was short-lived and I’m sorry I stabbed you to death ✂️ Those scissors sure were sharp.”

Best of all, Stafford teased a sure-fire way that the two of them could share scenes together on Young & Restless in the future. She assured Hyde, “But… ya know, Jeremy can always have a twin brother.” Wouldn’t that be fun!

Young & Restless star Courtney Hope (Sally) chimed in under the post to add her two cents about Hyde’s departure and said, “The best. So missed.😢”

Would you like to see James Hyde return to Young & Restless as Jeremy Stark’s less criminal but still relentlessly sexy twin brother? Share your story ideas in the comment section.

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