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In a Young & Restless preview for the week of April 17 – 21, Jeremy could spell the end of Phyllis. Read what happens and watch the preview below.

Phyllis and Jeremy successfully staged her death. After collapsing at the gala and being rushed in an ambulance to the hospital, the ambulance was involved in an accident that caused it to go up in flames, supposedly with Phyllis’ body inside. However, an EMT, paid off by Jeremy claimed Phyllis came to and told him “poison” before the crash. He provided a vial of what he claimed was Phyllis’ blood drawn in the ambulance, and when the toxicology came back, it did appear someone had poisoned Phyllis. When Chance discovered Diane had recently purchased poison, all signs pointed to her, and she was arrested. Refusing to believe she’s guilty, Jack asks Michael to defend Diane in another promo.

Last week, Jeremy discovered the hotel room Phyllis is supposed to be hiding out in before completely disappearing empty, and of course, Phyllis just had to attend her own memorial service. Seeing her family mourn her is getting to her, along with the thought of never seeing them again.

Coming up, Jack claims Jeremy Stark is a murderer, and there is no stopping him from killing again. Is he trying to pin Phyllis’ murder on Jeremy to deflect guilt off of Diane?

Meanwhile, Jeremy tells Phyllis not to think about going back on their deal. She tells him, “You don’t scare me!” Brandishing a pair of scissors, Jeremy promises to put Phyllis in a shallow grave as she begs for her life. He gives chase to her as she runs and screams, “Oh my god, no!” Tune in this week to find out how this all plays out.

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