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In a Young & Restless preview for the week of April 17 – 21, Tucker stuns Ashley. Read what happens and watch the preview below.

With Jack and Diane announcing their engagement, Ashley felt there was no reason to be fake engaged to Tucker to try and open her brother’s eyes. Tucker however believed their fake engagement had the chance to turn into a real love for them. Ashley wasn’t convinced and said he had more work to do to prove he’d changed. Coming up, Tucker enters a suite holding up his phone and declares to Ashley, “I’m going to sell my company and I’m going to leave this town.” Ashley replies, “So now you’re threatening me.”

Victor’s made it no secret that he doesn’t like Sally, and hates that Adam and Nick have been at odds over her. This week, Victor’s about to get some new information. Adam says to Victor, “It looks like you’ve been left out of the loop, Dad. Sally’s having my baby… and I’m still in love with her.” Your move, Victor!

Daniel and Summer were determined to avenge their mother’s death, having no idea Phyllis was alive, and even attended her own memorial service! Ashley meanwhile laid into her brother over Phyllis’ death and vowed to keep fighting to protect him from Diane as Phyllis tried to do. After Phyllis’ toxicology report came back, and evidence indicating Diane had bought poison, Diane was arrested for Phyllis’ murder. Jack however continued to believe she was innocent. Next week, Michael tells Nikki, “Last night I got a call from Jack asking me to represent Diane.” Nikki exclaims, “Oh my God, Michael! You can’t defend the woman who killed one of your best friends!” Michael, however, has been friendly with Diane as well, who swore to him she was innocent. What will he do?

Keep an eye out for new Young & Restless spoilers to learn who forces Tucker’s hand, and who Sharon turns to for help.

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