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Credit: Paul Archuleta/Getty Images

Parents often give their kids chores but sometimes they don’t do them right away or as well as one expects. And if you happen to be a parent then you’ll be able to relate to a cute video that The Young and the Restless’ Jason Thompson (Billy) posted on his Instagram.

Whether or not it was the actor’s idea or his cute little one’s to help clean up the leaves outside by the family pool, the video featured his kiddo doing anything but the task at hand — in the most adorable way possible. It all started with his kid standing on the diving board, with a small battery-operated leaf blower in hand, all decked out in orange flippers.

After a scream or two, the equipment started and was waved up and down while laughing along with those in the background. His kid flippered his way around the pool, periodically revving up the leaf blower, until making their way through the patio doors and into the house.

Former General Hospital and One Life to Live actor Mark Lawson (ex-Dustin; Brody), who happens to be a father himself, stated, “Let chaos reign,” then made it clear, from one fitness guy to another, “Also, I see that kettlebell, Mr. Thompson.” Yep, there it was, right there near the diving board.

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While it appears that the area surrounding the Thompson’s pool was still littered with leaves, at least the kiddo had fun not blowing them away. And as parents, watching our kids have fun is one of the best rewards we can get!

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