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Young & Restless fans have long wondered if Doug Davidson would return to the soap as Paul Williams, particularly during the 50th anniversary year, which has seen numerous familiar faces return to our screens as a tribute to its rich history. It seems we now have a definitive answer, and although that door has seemingly closed, another has opened to an intriguing possibility…

We learned that Paul had retired as Chief of Police and that he was missing Genoa City’s bicentennial gala because he wanted to spend time with Heather and Lucy, but who among us didn’t suspect that there was more to the story? Those suspicions were confirmed when Christine confided in Lauren following Phyllis’ ‘death’.

Christine told Lauren that her marriage to Paul was over. The build-up to his decision to retire had been “intense” and although they tried to work things out, it proved to be impossible.
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Finally, an explanation for Paul’s continued absence, which was getting to be rather unbelievable in light of all the events he’s been missing. And while we can only draw the conclusion that this means Davidson won’t be back anytime soon, the revelation that Chris and Paul are divorcing may signal the writers are ready to explore a different relationship, one that has deep roots in Young & Restless’ past.

It wasn’t that long ago when Michael Damian made his return to the soap as Danny Romalotti after nearly a decade away, and during his fairly brief appearance there was a scene between Danny and Christine that felt, well, significant. Lots of talk of the past and definitely some longing looks that told viewers the old feelings between them were still there.

Danny, of course, was Cricket’s first love, and one that held fans in thrall for many years even as they battled the rigors of the road (with Danny being a touring rock star), and the considerable interference of the likes of Phyllis Summers. It’s certainly a relationship that many would like to see revisited, particularly in light of the energy in those scenes they shared.
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What are the chances that Danny will return longer-term? We’d have to say quite good. Danny has reconnected with his son Daniel, another onscreen relationship that fans adore, and is currently in Genoa City for the memorial of his ex, Phyllis. Damian regularly retweets fans’ requests for him to return to Young & Restless on Twitter and is clearly open to the idea of reprising his role again in the future.

It would make perfect sense for Danny to come back given he’s working on Daniel’s video gaming platform OmegaSphere with him, and that he’s bound to find out about Christine and Paul’s split during this visit. We know that Phyllis isn’t really gone, so his son is bound to need him again when his mother makes a miraculous return from the dead… right?!
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Danny and Phyllis had forged a new closeness in their adult lives, as parents to Daniel, and so the writers might even decide to revisit the Cricket/Danny/Phyllis love triangle should he be brought back to the canvas.

If nothing else, it would be epic to have childhood sweethearts Danny and Cricket reunite to bring the storyline that began so many years ago full circle.

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