Victoria Y&R
Credit: Howard Wise/JPI

If we’re ever right, we’ll admit it. (That’s a big “if,” of course.) But when we’re wrong, we’ll definitely own up to it. And readers informed us in no uncertain terms that we were absolutely wrong (and also as dumb as rocks) to suggest that The Young and the Restless was shifting Victoria out of the heroine category by having her try to bed Elena’s boyfriend, Nate. (Read the offending article here. Or don’t. Maybe yeah, don’t. Please?)

On Twitter, Casey said that we should “go back and watch the history of Victoria Newman from the start, ’cause this whole post is embarrassing.” Our bad. This is what we get for writing articles before the coffee has kicked in. We were only remembering that she was cheated on by Ryan (with Nina), Cole (with Ashley), Brad (with Sharon), J.T. (with Mac) and Billy (with Kelly) and totally forgetting that Victoria also cheated on Brad (with J.T.), J.T. (with Deacon) and Billy (with Stitch) — for starters.

Erika argued that “Victoria is fictional, but she’s human. She wants. She craves. She desires. But she also wants to experience the same.

“It’s called complexity,” she added. “Maybe ease up on the Scarlet Letter energy here?”

One-hundred-percent fair. Casey went on to question why we were placing “the blame on Victoria when Nate’s the one” two-timing Elena. Good point. What he’s doing is way worse, it’s just less of a surprise since it wasn’t that long ago that he hooked up with Elena while she was his cousin Devon’s girlfriend.

“Lawd have mercy!” exclaimed Jamie. “Imagine someone cheating on a soap opera. I say bring it on.”

Hey, so do we. We just momentarily let this storyline make us rethink Victoria. Which we shouldn’t have, not until that second cup of coffee. If ever.

In honor of our screwup, below you’ll find some photo-shoot bloopers of some of your favorite stars.