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Episode # 12336
U.S. Airdate 04/07/22
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Not in a million years.

The Young and the Restless has let us know for a long time that Victoria is a chip off the old block, as savvy and cutthroat in the business arena as Daddy Dearest. But until this week, we hadn’t guessed that she also took after Victor in that she has little to no respect for other people’s relationships. How else to explain the way that she gets it on with Elena’s boyfriend on Thursday? (More on that here.)

What the reveal tells us is that we’ve been all wrong to think of Victoria as a beleaguered heroine all these years. We always felt bad for her when her marriages tanked. We felt sorry for her when Pop insisted on playing musical CEO chairs with her and Adam. Now, though, we’re thinking… eh, karma.

Victoria, it turns out, is basically Veruca Salt in Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory yelling “I want an Oompa Loompa now!” She doesn’t care if it’s somebody else’s Oompa Loompa. She doesn’t care if the Oompa Loompa has made a commitment to its significant other. She just wants it. Period.

On one hand, it’s a shock to discover that devil’s horns have been hiding under Victoria’s halo. On the other, it’s kind of exciting. If Young & Restless starts playing the character as even more like Victor, who doesn’t see moral boundaries, much less adhere to them, his little girl could stir up big trouble. She could be Genoa City’s new pot-stirring supervixen, for Pete’s sake!

What do you think? Can you see Victoria going all the way into villainous territory? En route to the comments, look for signs that she was always a gray hat at best, not a white one, in the below photo gallery that tells her life story.

Video: YouTube/Justin Southall