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Will Victoria listen to her brother’s advice?

In a Young & Restless preview for the week of April 10 – 14, Victoria and Nate are busted. Read what happens and watch the preview below.

Victoria and Nate have been dancing around one another at the office, and Victoria’s made it clear she’s interested in him as more than a work colleague. They shared a kiss, but Nate pulled away knowing what he was doing to Elena was wrong. However, their chemistry already has Audra suspicious, so much so that she turned to Tucker for help locating Victoria’s ex, JT Hellstrom. She claimed she thought the case of his brain tumor would be a great medical case for Elena’s podcast.

Meanwhile, when Victoria found out her father wanted to give McCall Unlimited to Adam to run, she refused to let Newman be a part of any deal involving it, fearing if Adam ruined the company it would reflect on Newman. She later confided this to Nate, who was honored she trusted him enough with such information.

Coming up, it looks like Victoria and Nate move on from the business talk. Nate tells Victoria that when she offers him something he wants, how can he resist? She notes he resisted before. Nate replies, “This time resistance is futile.” Nate clearly is a fan of Victoria and Star Trek.

The two get passionate on her desk, but Nick comes knocking on the door and discovers what’s been going on. Later, Nick tells his sister that Nate is in a relationship, and she’s making a terrible mistake. Will she listen to him though?

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