Summer looks for Phyllis killer YR
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Where is Phyllis?

In a Young & Restless preview for the week of April 10 – 14, Phyllis and Jeremy continue with their revenge scheme, but Phyllis could blow it. Read what happens and watch the preview below.

At the gala, as everyone awaited news on the missing Phyllis, Jeremy dropped the bomb and claimed Phyllis was his wife. Eventually, Chance received the shocking news and had to inform Phyllis’ loved ones that the ambulance involved in the car crash was the one carrying Phyllis, there was an explosion, and she did not make it. However, he confirms that before the crash, Phyllis came too in the ambulance, was clutching Diane’s engagement ring, and told the lone survivor, an EMT, “Poison.”

Stark demanded Chance find out what happened before Phyllis died, as she was assaulted and threatened by Diane in front of witnesses. Daniel meanwhile still refused to believe his mother married Jeremy willingly and blamed him for his mother’s death.  Summer however lashed out at Diane and blamed her, even saying she’d wanted Phyllis dead for a long time.

In reality, Phyllis was alive and holed up in a hotel suite where Jeremy met with her and told her their plan was working.  However the reality of their plan, with Jeremy getting everything he wanted, and her having to stay dead and let her kids believe that, appeared to be sinking in with Phyllis.

Coming up, Jeremy walks into the hotel room and calls out, “Phyllis? Are you here?” Just before he left her, Phyllis had read a story on her phone that memorial services had been planned for her. Would Phyllis actually risk everything to attend her own funeral?

At Crimson Lights, Daniel hugs Lucy and says, “How is it that you are here right now?” And on the patio, Summer tells Chance she needs his help, “You and I are going to expose my mom’s murderer.” Will the vial of Phyllis’ blood that the surviving EMT drew, who also was paid off by Jeremy to help them with their scheme, be enough to put Diane in jail for Phyllis’ murder?

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