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Those people ought to be ashamed of themselves.

Some Young & Restless viewers love Diane Jenkins, some love her with Jack, and others love to hate her. Any way you slice it, the return of the conniving character (from the dead, no less) was an exciting development for fans. Susan Walters, who plays Diane, was keen to get in on the conversation surrounding her alter-ego’s revival and jumped onto Twitter to take part… but what she discovered drove her to leave the app in record time.

Let’s face it, Diane is notorious. Among other transgressions, she framed Phyllis for arson and let her go to prison, faked her own death and let a host of Genoa City residents become suspects in her murder (not to mention allowing her son to believe she was killed), and most recently, tried to frame Jeremy for the theft of Nikki Newman’s necklace. That said, Diane has been a softer, sweeter (perhaps reformed) version of her old self since she finagled her way back into Jack’s life and the pairing has garnered a following.

Regardless of how people feel about the character of Diane, one would think Young & Restless fans would be thrilled for the chance to interact with Walters on social media and dish about her big return, and while some undoubtedly were gracious, it was those who were most decidedly not who caused the star to reverse her decision.

In a recent interview she did on Talking TV along with Peter Bergman, Walters recalled her outlook when she decided to go on Twitter after she came back to the show, “I’m thinking, you know, Diane’s gotten older and Susan’s gotten older, it will be very empowering for these people to see that I’ve aged.”

It turns out the reception she got “wasn’t pretty at all.” Walters lamented, “Not that I think I look great, but I was really blown away by how nasty people were about the way me — Susan — looked.”

Appalling! First, Susan Walters does look great, and second, those people should be utterly ashamed of themselves!

She feels that now that Diane has been back for a while, the comments would be more about the character, but she’s no longer looking at Twitter, and concludes, “It’s not healthy for me.” Bergman, for his part, was relieved to hear she had abandoned the social media app. Watch the interview clip below:

We at SOAPS are sending heaps of love to the absolutely beautiful Susan Walters. Feel free to weigh in on Diane’s Young & Restless storyline in the comment section below.

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