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Where better for a “dead” woman to start a new life than in the City of Angels?

There are a few flaws in the plot that Young & Restless had Phyllis hatch. And by “a few,” we mean “a lotta.” But we’re gonna overlook that for the moment, because her harebrained scheme also rolls out a golden opportunity for the character. Here’s how.


Her favorite T. Swift song: “Look What You Made Me Do.”

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Rising From the Ashes

Ever since Diane revealed that she still has a pulse, Phyllis has been her own worst enemy. She’d argue that no, Diane is, but let’s be real: Phyllis is to blame for the ruination of her life. Increasingly irrational, she’s come off badly all over Genoa City — except for at meetings of her, Ashley and Nikki’s I Hate Diane club — and alienated just about everyone who cares about her. (When Jeremy Stark is your only remaining talk-to, you know you’re in trouble!)

So, while we don’t think for a minute that Phyllis will be able to stay away from her children forever, Young & Restless should keep her away for a while — and let Bold & Beautiful have her!

Ridge B&B

“My masculine intuition tells me a new lady has entered the vicinity.”

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New in Town?

Imagine if Phyllis pulls a Sheila and starts over in Los Angeles. Gets herself a new identity — maybe “Christine Jenkins,” since everything always seems to work out for her nemeses. “Christine” would be a logical hire to amplify Forrester Creations’ social media. (Emily in Paris, meet “Christine” in L.A.) And once she’s in the building, who’d start passing by her office with eyebrow-raising frequency?

No, not Eric. Since he knows Phyllis, he’ll have to be busy “playing pickle ball” with Donna. We’re talking about Ridge. Since his go-to wives, Brooke and Taylor, have sworn him off, he’s going to be dipping his toe back into the dating pool. And “Christine” would be exactly the kind of woman who’d turn his head: brilliant and funny, beautiful and unpredictable.


“Should we warn her or… Nah!”

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Too Good to Last

Things get tricky for Phyllis when Ridge takes her to dinner… at Il Giardino! Face to face with Deacon, with whom she is more than a little acquainted (see photo), “Christine” would have to act fast to keep her cover from being blown in front of Ridge. Later, she returns to the restaurant to swear Deacon to secrecy. He’s gotten a do-over in L.A., and that’s what she wants, too. Will he let her have it? Or will he feel compelled to disclose to Diane that the woman she supposedly tried to kill isn’t dead at all?

Considering that Deacon ratted out Diane to Nikki and helped bust Sheila, we’re gonna say that Phyllis’ odds of continuing on as “Christine” would be slim to none. Then we’d get the fireworks of her returning to Young & Restless to face not only Diane’s wrath but her children’s. Aaand there would probably be some charges filed for framing Diane for a murder that wasn’t even attempted.

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Even before Phyllis faked her death, Deacon checked for a pulse.

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A Happy New Beginning

Just when Phyllis is resigned to her fate and contemplating whether there’s a way to make prison orange fashionable, who should ride to her rescue but Ridge? He wasn’t crazy about being lied to all those months. But the truth is, he was falling for “Christine,” whoever she was. And he’s willing to move heaven and earth to get her off the hot seat and back into his arms.

Suddenly, Phyllis is faced with a real dilemma. Though her family now knows that she’s alive, they’re ticked as hell. Does she try to make amends… or just dive in heart-first into a new life with Ridge?

Review Phyllis’ past imperfect in the below photo gallery.