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“They will always be rivals.”

When it comes to daytime’s most legendary (not to mention long-running) feuds, the one that has kept The Young and the Restless‘ Victor and Jack at odds for decades is the stuff of legend. They have married one another’s exes, stolen one another’s companies and cursed one another’s names so often that their names are as naturally linked as those of some of the show’s greatest romantic pairings.

Which is why what’s about to unfold is… well, downright shocking. Because the two men, who have spent most of their adult lives working to destroy one another, are instead going to join forces against a common foe.

Has hell frozen over? Are Jack and Victor actually about to become… friends?

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They said it wouldn’t last… and it never does!

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Don’t count on it! “Jack’s ability to see Victor as something other than a nemesis will always ben an issue,” says Peter Bergman of the Abbott heir. And not for nothing, but the actor wouldn’t have it any other way. “I love it!”

So what’s up with this seeming partnership? “Jack can occasionally get close to trusting a conversation with Victor or a single situation, but then he’s basically tapped out,” laughs Bergman. “They will always be rivals who see the other person’s problems through the wrong glasses. Jack’s enmity with Victor is occasionally sidelined, but never fully remedied. And it should always be there, never far beneath the surface. Because some wounds can never fully heal.”

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This is, he says, classic Young & Restless storytelling. “Rivalries are part of the fabric of this show,” he reflects. “Katherine and Jill. Ashley and Nikki. Jack and Victor. Our viewers tune in for these embattled relationships every bit as much as the other things for which we’re known, such as real conflicts within extended families.”

But as with those other rivalries, sometimes, new enemies can make strange bedfellows of old rivals. In this case, it seems big questions about what happened to Phyllis the night of the gala will have that same effect. Could the two most powerful men in Genoa City be joining forces in order to find out the truth… and perhaps deal once and for all with Jeremy Stark?

Relive some of Jack’s highest (and lowest) moments in the gallery below… including the roots of his feud with Victor!