Phyllis dead
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The supposed passing of Michelle Stafford’s character hasn’t necessarily gotten the desired reaction.

Fans of The Young and the Restless have three words for the show in the wake of Phyllis’ “passing”: You ain’t slick. Since the schemer has been plotting with Jeremy on screen, no one off screen believes for a second that the character has really met her maker. Nevertheless, a portion of the audience is here for it. “Love that Phyllis is faking her whole death so that the karma comes back around on Diane,” campdeeds Instagrammed. “Can’t wait until she gets caught. It’s time.”

Mostly, though, viewers are questioning the logic at play. (Is there any?) “How is her being dead going to be bad for Diane?” asked richelledeshaun. “I don’t see how they can prove that she is the cause of [Phyllis’] death.”

Even if they could, how would it benefit Phyllis in the long run? Asking the same thing was joe_the_lbhybrid68. “I don’t see how this changes or fixes anything. Unless the idea is to send Diane to jail for Phyllis’ death. However, that doesn’t work because at some point Phyllis has to come back. Then that makes her just another Diane.”

WTH, cried avalon771. “I thought the plan was gonna be something way more creative and juicier than whatever the heck this hot mess is! I just don’t see how this is gonna drive Diane away.”

Maybe mase_rie has Phyllis’ endgame figured out. “She’s doing just what Diane did. Faking her own death! She wants to see if they’ll take her back with open arms just like they did with Diane. Well-played, Phyllis. Well-played.”Michelle Stafford yr phyllis hw

Wait, Whaaat?

Of course, there’s a serious problem with that theory. As a.lpo.h wrote, “Phyllis wouldn’t fake her death and leave her kids like that. Isn’t that the whole plot? One of the biggest reasons she hates Diane? Because Diane did that to her kid? Makes no sense. Get it together y’all. Her faking her death completely goes against everything the story has been about thus far. This is stupid.”

Whether it’s stupid, it is crazy hypocritical of Phyllis — and of Young & Restless. “How do two wrongs make a right!?” asked Phillippe1983. “Diane [played dead] and she was horrible. Phyllis does it and she’s some freaking hero? Really? Phyllis has wreaked havoc on this city for years. Years. Wrong. Her kids are grieving their mom, and no real mother stands back and watches that.”

Summer Y&R

The Ultimate Double Standard

Since Diane rose from the grave, Phyllis has refused to cut her any slack. Understandable, given their past. And yet… not, considering Phyllis’ past. The woman who exploded Danny and Christine’s marriage, passed off another man’s child as the pop star’s, attempted to murder Christine and took a grieving Nick away from Sharon is in no position to argue that Diane can’t have changed. Because if Diane can’t have changed, neither can Phyllis!

When the “reformed” conniver plays holier-than-thou, it makes a lotta folks LOL. “Yeah, ’cause Phyllis was so freaking innocent when she first came to Genoa City,” kahuja79 chuckled. “Never caused any trouble and was a perfect angel.”

Among the heads left spinning by the pretzel logic is mimzymcd, who wrote, “So let’s get this right… Diane is an evil witch because of the pain she caused Kyle when she faked her death… but Phyllis doing the same thing to her kids is OK in her mind? This whole thing is gonna backfire on her! She has become so pathetic and unstable that it’s actually getting hard to watch her scenes! If you are trying to make us very uncomfortable, Young & Restless, mission accomplished.”

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