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Some people need to be reminded that if you don’t have anything nice to say, you shouldn’t say anything at all.

Over the weekend, Hunter King shared a photo to Instagram that revealed the results of an experiment. “Tried the white eyeliner hack,” which is supposed to make you look more awake, she said. “Still look tired.”


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Eh, maybe. But most of us wouldn’t look as lovely as King after a full week of eight-hour nights of sleep. That’s not the point, though. The point is that some commenters were more than candid, they were downright rude about the actress’ full lips. Reading their remarks, King’s significant other, Andy McNeil, couldn’t remain silent.

“LOL, relax, internet trolls,” began his response. “I wake up next to her every morning, and this is a common thing! She’s gorgeous even when her lips get swollen.

“And spoiler alert to all the medical experts leaving comments about fillers — the swelling goes down an hour or so after waking up, calm down.”

“Love you, bubs,” the Young & Restless alum told her beau.


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King’s mom Jamie chimed in, too. “Extra puffy morning lips!” she exclaimed. “Why do us King ladies wake up so puffy?”

Later, in an Insta-story, Summer’s portrayer directly responded to the hateful remarks that she had read. “After my last post and all the negative comments, I just wanted to address something,” she said. “No, I don’t have any lip filler, but even if I did, I don’t think that people should feel so comfortable commenting such rude things about people’s appearance. Keep your negative comments to yourself.

“I don’t know who raised people to think it’s OK to spew such negativity,” she continued. “It’s rude. And it’s hurtful. I personally don’t get lip filler — my lips are just extra swollen in the mornings for some reason? But for anyone who does, good for you! Do what makes you happy! And for the love of god, can we all just be kind? The world needs more of that.

“That’s all,” she concluded. “Rant over.”

King is currently working on a multi-movie deal with Hallmark but hasn’t ruled out a return to daytime. “People do come and go and paths seem to cross in the soap world,” she told Soaps.com this winter. “So never say never, but right now, I am just so incredibly happy and honored and thankful to be with Hallmark.” (Read the full story here.)

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