Conner Floyd Chance Chancellor mashup Y&R
Credit: Howard Wise/JPI

The many sides of Genoa City’s finest detective… all in one “life dump”.

While Chance Chancellor found himself at the center of an unfolding drama on Young & Restless, Conner Floyd decided to share a slice of the life he’s been living offscreen and, boy, does he get around!

Chance clearly made a decision to avoid the Bicentennial gala. His flirting partner, Sharon, planned to go alone until her ex, Adam, suggested that they go together, and his mom, Nina, made a surprise appearance and deduced that her son had stayed away because he was not up for seeing Abby and Devon together.

While Chance was a no-show, his name came up both when Adam questioned Sharon about a possible romance with the detective and when Nina gave Abby a piece of her mind for cheating on her son.

Despite his best efforts to avoid the ball, Chance wound up there anyway. With Paul now retired and off in Portugal, and Rey having died, there’s only Chance left to answer the call when the you-know-what hits the fan in Genoa City. And hit it, it did.

Luckily for Chance, Abby had gone by the time he arrived, and although Devon was still there talking to Amanda, they didn’t cross paths in any significant way. He did, however, have to deal with the loud-mouthed Jeremy Stark and many upset Genoa City residents waiting for word on the fate of Phyllis Summers. Unfortunately, the detective had to be the bearer of unsettling news with possibly worse to come (see the preview of him doing just that below).

What stress! That’s why it’s a good thing that Conner Floyd knows how to blow off some steam when he’s away from the set and the intensity of playing a cop.

Floyd recently took to social media to share a glimpse into how he spends his time off, and his followers found that he’s a man of many stripes.

From the 50th anniversary festivities clad in a tux and hamming it up for the many cameras, to partying at a family get together, to jamming with his garage band in jeans and tee with his ballcap on backward, Floyd is a man wth many sides — not 50 sides, but eight for sure — as you’ll see in the photo and video collection he dubbed a “life dump” below. Hit the arrows at the side of the IG post to see them all.

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