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What really has happened to Phyllis?

In a Young & Restless preview for the week of April 3 – 7, nobody is prepared for what comes next. Read what happens and watch the preview below.

Last week, Phyllis and Jeremy proceeded with their plan to destroy Diane. Phyllis lured Diane into a catfight, but that didn’t stop Jack and Diane from announcing their engagement. After they did so, an unhinged Phyllis unleashed a tirade on them both. She fumed that she was the only one who sees Diane hasn’t changed and that everyone thinks Jack is a fool for marrying her.

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Suddenly, Phyllis collapses, and Elena and Nate rushed to her and insisted this wasn’t an act, and Phyllis needed to get to the hospital. An ambulance took her to the hospital, but Elena quickly got word it never made it there.

Chance appeared with news, as Jeremy also revealed a bomb of his own. Chance explained there had been an accident involving a car and an ambulance, while Jeremy wanted to know if his wife, Phyllis, was okay. Say what?

Coming up, Chance delivers devastating news at the gala, the EMS transport that crashed was the one transporting Phyllis, and she didn’t make it. Summer crumbles in tears and collapses into Kyle’s arms.

At the Abbott’s, Ashley asks, “What happened?” Summer cries to her, “My mom is dead.” Meanwhile, Jack asks, “How can Phyllis be gone?” as Diane shakes her head in disbelief.

Finally, an angry Daniel confronts Jeremy and asks, “What did you do to my mother? Are you the reason she’s dead?”

What really happened to Phyllis? Is this all apart of her and Jeremy’s larger plan for Diane?

Keep an eye out for new Young & Restless spoilers to learn who uncovers some deception going on at Newman Enterprises.

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