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The Bi-Centennial Gala sure didn’t go the way everyone expected it to!

In a Young & Restless preview for the week of April 3 – 7, Audra asks a favor of Tucker, and Phyllis’ whereabouts are unknown. Read what happens and watch the preview below.

At the gala, Elena fumed at the site of Victoria and Nate’s closeness at the ball, and Audra didn’t waste a beat egging her on about Victoria making moves on her man. Later, Tucker and Audra connected, and Audra hinted she was working on a plan to get what she wanted and it involved locating JT Hellstrom. Coming up, Tucker says to Audra, “JT Hellstrom? I’ll find him for you. It’s going to cost you though.” What does Audra want with Victoria’s troubled ex-husband?

Phyllis and Jeremy went full steam ahead with their plan to destroy Diane, which included Phyllis luring Diane to a private suite to reel he into a major catfight. Jack, Summer and Kyle walked in as Diane strangled Phyllis and screamed she should do the world a favor and kill her! Diane naturally was able to convince everyone that Phyllis was the instigator.

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Later, Diane wanted to press on with the announcement of her and Jack’s engagement, and even though Jeremy had earlier swiped the ring from Jack’s pocket, the couple announced their plans to wed. To say the crowd was surprised is an understatement, and that’s when Phyllis appeared. Many noted she was out of it, perhaps drunk, and she lashed out at Jack and Diane, telling Jack nobody was happy for him and he was an embarrassment for believing Diane had changed.

As Phyllis worked herself into a tirade, she suddenly collapsed. Some accused Phyllis of faking it, but Elena confirmed Phyllis was in distress and her pulse was weak. Eventually, the EMTs arrived to take Phyllis to the hospital, and Jeremy appeared and played the role of a loving husband, shocking all with the news that Phyllis was his wife!

Things quickly got more bizarre as Phyllis never made it to the hospital, and Chance relayed the news that there had been an accident involving a car and an ambulance, and they may want to prepare for the worst!

Next week, Daniel fumes at Jeremy, “I don’t know what’s going on here but my mother would never marry a lowlife like you. Not of her own free will!” Now the audience knows Jeremy and Phyllis are in cahoots, but did they actually get married?

As the gala goes to hell in a handbasket, Lauren asks Michael, “How did this beautiful event turn into such a catastrophe?”

Finally Jeremy demands of Chance, “Is Phyllis okay?! Look, I want answers! I have a right to know!” Chance hesitates. Summer pleads, “Chance, please. Tell us something… anything!” Just where is Phyllis?

Keep an eye out for new Young & Restless spoilers to learn who uncovers some deception going on at Newman Enterprises.

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