Tracey Bregman Pilgrimage Festival Young and Restless
Credit: John Paschal/JPI

This sounds like a mother’s nightmare!

It’s probably safe to say that quite a few fans were surprised back during Tracey E. Bregman’s 40th Anniversary episode on The Young and the Restless when Fenmore introduced his parents to his boyfriend. Because when did that happen? Lauren, though, handled it with aplomb and welcomed Trey into the family. Of course, it probably helped that he wanted to hear her life story, because who doesn’t love reminiscing?

In real life, Bregman is well acquainted with son Austin Recht’s love, Antonia Burchman. The two are due to be married in September, after all — something which the actress helped arrange! When she and Christian Jules LeBlanc (Michael) appeared on The Talk recently to celebrate Young & Restless‘ 50th anniversary, Bregman did a little reminiscing of her own about how she helped her son with his proposal. (Which she shared in an Instagram post below.)

And the story was hilarious.

First off, of course, she ran Austin through a dress rehearsal on the beach, which had its own difficulties. Eventually, though, mom and son had everything set up and perfect and the moment arrived. And then things started going wrong. Some of that classic Los Angeles traffic hit and the cinematographer didn’t make it.

What choice did Bregman have at that point? “I had to do it,” she said of recording the moment. So she did! And it was going swimmingly, she mimes in the clip, panning her imaginary camera along the scene. “I was filming this lovely couple,” she explains, “and realized, ‘That’s not my son!’ I was like, ‘Oh my God, did I miss the whole thing?!’”

Luckily, she didn’t, as we saw in her post, but she did get bonus material!

“I have footage of this other couple,” she laughs. “I’m like, ‘Oh my God!’

Check out the entire hilarious story below, as Bregman sings loving praises about her son and his bride-to-be.

Let’s just be glad she did catch the moment in time! If she’d missed it entirely, we feel like there might be a bit less laughter with this story. No mom wants to miss some of the biggest moments of their kids’ lives like this. Especially if they’re the ones counted on to capture them!

But, whew! Crisis averted. Now let’s hope the wedding cinematography goes smoothly!

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