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The foreshadowing was about as subtle as a sledgehammer.

Oh my… It was hard to miss the foreshadowing going on in a scene involving Kyle and Summer at Young & Restless’s bicentennial gala, but just in case you blinked or were running to the kitchen for a snack when it went down, we’ve got you covered.

The gala has been anything but relaxing for “Skyle” up to this point. Summer has dealt with her mother going inexplicably off the rails emotionally in an exchange that even the reasonable Traci Abbott dubbed bizarre, and then took a call from the nanny that made it sound like Harrison had gone missing (it was really his stuffed toy). That crisis behind them, Kyle and Summer returned to the party just in time to discover his mother strangling hers on the desk in a posh suite upstairs!
Diane Jack Summer Kyle Y&R

They split up at that point, with Summer taking Phyllis aside, only to be told that she would never believe her and to “Stay away from me.” Kyle, meanwhile, learned from Diane that Phyllis had lured her upstairs with a lie. Yup, Red told her nemesis that her son was upstairs, very ill, and needed her. Diane explained to Kyle that she texted him to verify the claim but he didn’t respond. At this point, Kyle realized his phone was missing.

About the same time, Audra Charles, a relative newcomer to Genoa City, was drifting about looking either for Nate or for a pot to stir. She spotted a phone on the bar and started making the rounds to try and locate its owner. This led to an encounter with Ashley and a cringing Tucker, that while entertaining, also provided the information she needed — the phone belonged to Ash’s nephew, Kyle.
Audra Ashley Tucker Y&R

In a surprise move, rather than hand the phone over to Tucker’s date, Audra snatched it back and declared that she would see to it that Kyle got his phone back herself. She’d been looking to meet him.

Now, that was telling, but not nearly as telling as the scene that followed.

Audra walked up to Diane, Jack, and Kyle and announced she had found his phone. As Kyle and Audra introduced themselves to each other there was some mutual admiration going on in a big way. The look on Kyle’s face told us he was nothing short of enchanted to meet the sultry vixen.
Audra Kyle Y&R

It wasn’t long before Summer swept up and demanded to know what was going on. Not because she was being rude but because Audra is the woman who messed with her brother Noah’s head. Audra, who is nothing if not smart, took this as her cue to move on. We couldn’t help but notice that despite his wife’s utter disdain for Charles, Kyle didn’t stop himself from checking out Audra’s shapely behind as she sashayed away. Wow.
Jack Kyle Summer Y&R

In that one scene, Young & Restless writers teased what could very well be Summer’s next big headache as they established not only an attraction between Kyle and Audra but also her dislike of the woman.

As you’ll recall, Audra was brought onto the soap as a foil for Noah and Allie, who have since disappeared, not even appearing at the gala. Her connection to Tucker was exposed, and her interest in Nate appears to be a non-starter as he has his hands full with Elena and Victoria. So, what else is a vixen to do?

If Audra were to go after Kyle and try to come between him and Summer it may not be as difficult as one might think given they’re probably going to be experiencing a ton of marital strife if our prediction about what’s next for Phyllis and Diane comes true.

This love triangle makes sense given there are a limited number of characters in this age range. Kyle and Summer, who behave like older folks who have been wed for decades, are desperately overdue for a split, and Summer already loathes Audra because of what she did to Noah, so there’s built-in animosity to get the party started.

Do you think Audra is about to shift her attention from Nate to Kyle? Give us your take in the comment section below.

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