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We finally got an update on Doug Davidson’s alter ego!

In the days leading up to Young & Restless‘ 50th anniversary and the big on-air gala, fans were thrilled by news of one return (Barbara Crampton’s Leanna!) after another (Veronica Redd’s Mamie!). But one name they didn’t hear was that of Paul Williams. Surely, he and portrayer Doug Davidson would be part of the celebration marking Genoa City’s bicentennial… right?


What we did get was an update on his whereabouts from wife Christine and an indication of what the future might hold for the longtime pairing.

“So, you’re flying solo tonight,” noted Lauren as she and Michael approached Christine. What she said next gave us our first clue as to Paul’s fate. “What does he have on the agenda now that he’s the retired chief of police?”

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Criminals are probably breathing easier now that Paul is officially off the case!

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Excuse us? Paul retired? That seems like the kind of thing that someone should have told us about, and he certainly deserved a party (even if only mentioned off-screen).

Christine explained that Paul wasn’t in attendance because he’d gone to Portugal. “Heather and Lucy’s visit wasn’t long enough, so he went there to visit.” As innocuous as this seemed on the surface, there was a certain hitch in Christine’s voice which indicated there might well be more to the story. And sure enough, she quickly changed the topic.

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Soon after, Paul’s wife offered another bit of info, telling Michael and Lauren that she was considering returning to her old job as district attorney, at least on an interim basis. “I haven’t accepted the offer,” she admitted, “but I think it would be good for me.”

And after the kind of pause that the word “pregnant” was used to describe, she added, “I need a change.” This time, we weren’t the only ones to hear the note of wistfulness in her voice. Both Michael and Lauren looked uncomfortable, as if they could read between the lines and, like us, had come to the conclusion that Christine wasn’t speaking only about changing things up on the job front.

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Unless we miss our mark, Young & Restless’ writers are ready to set Christine free by having Paul remain in Portugal with his daughter. And why not? It’s been clear for quite some time that the show was — for whatever reason — not planning to bring Davidson or Paul back into the fold. Allowing the character to exit frees Christine up for a new life… and potentially even a new love interest.

Fan reaction to the on-screen developments were mixed. Some were glad to have any kind of update on Paul’s long-unexplained absence…

… while at least one had a wild theory which even our twisted minds hadn’t come up with. “I think Cricket killed Paul, and we just don’t know it yet,” suggested CatSitterDC.

As we ponder whether this is really the end of the line for Paul, join us in looking back at his colorful life (not to mention some of his surprising love interests) via the gallery below.