Michelle Stafford Y&R 50th anniversary
Credit: CBS

“We needed a whiskey after this one.”

As most Young & Restless fans know by now, there’s a catfight between Diane and Phyllis coming up on the number one daytime drama. You may have an idea how the finished product will play out onscreen, but there are only a few who know what went on behind the scenes when the two actresses filmed…

One of them, Michelle Stafford (Phyllis), took to social media to share a preview and couldn’t help but break out in laughter as she recalled the taping of the throwdown on the CBS set. “Hahahahaha! Truth be told… behind the scenes… I could not stop laughing during this.”

Now, that would make it challenging. Considering Phyllis was supposed to be furious and was in a physical clash, uncontained hilarity would definitely be problematic. But given that soap actresses are known for their ability to soldier through and get the takes done quickly (because there’s a whole lot more to tape!), one must find a way… right?

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Stafford assured her followers she did just that as she shared, “God bless Susan. I managed to pull it together.” Adding that she hoped viewers will “enjoy this week”, the star signed off.

Susan Walters, who plays Diane, corroborated Stafford’s version of events and remarked, “We needed a whisky after this one, for sure, haha!!! I’m still laughing….”

Watch it again below and see if you can catch even a hint of these professionals, well… cracking up!

For us, the funniest thing were the expressions that Peter Bergman (Jack), Allison Lanier (Summer), and Michael Mealor (Kyle) wore on their faces when they arrived at the suite en masse and stuck their heads in to see Diane all but on top of Phyllis on the desk. Now that’s funny!

While you wait for these soapy scenes to air on Young & Restless, don’t miss seeing your favorite stars gussied up for the gala in fabulous photos in the gallery below.