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“They’re not standing on very solid ground.” 

The heart wants what the heart wants… and in the case of The Young and the Restless’ Nick, his wants Sally, no matter what anybody says. “Pretty much every person in his life is telling him this relationship is bad for him,” sighs portrayer Joshua Morrow. “But he’s really, really crazy in love with this woman.”

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You know, the one who seems to be carrying his brother’s baby. (Sure, the test results indicated Nick’s not the father, but fans know that sometimes, things happen in soap opera labs!)  “Nick knows that she still has feelings for Adam which haven’t gone away,” acknowledges Morrow. “It’s an incredibly messy situation, and they’re not standing on very solid ground.”

At the same time, however, Nick truly believes that he’s the best choice for Sally. “It’s complicated, which he knows,” the actor continues. “Everybody keeps saying they’re not good for one another, but he doesn’t really care. He’s not listening. He disputes everyone’s claims that this is going to end badly.”

Perhaps Victor and Nikki’s son is simply ignoring the reality of the situation. But at the end of the day, Nick is the kind of man who genuinely tries to wear a white hat whenever possible.

“He’s really in a tough spot, considering what she’s going through with the baby and Adam,” says Morrow. “Nick is being the ultimate good guy and being there for her when she needs him most.”

Nick Adam Y&R

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Of course, they say that those who don’t remember the past are doomed to repeat it, and Nick has certainly been in this particular situation before. “He comes from a strong family. Despite all the problems that they face, they ultimately go to bat for one another and do what they can to keep the family unit strong.”

That springs, he says, from the original intentions of Young & Restless creator William J. Bell. “He wanted to tell stories that were grounded and based in strong family ties.”

Now, as the show marks its 50th anniversary, Morrow finds himself looking back on his own nearly three-decade tenure with the show in awe. “It can be overwhelming,” he reflects. “I never thought I could have a job of this magnitude, doing something I love so much with a group of people who mean so much to me.”

As for how he fits into the grand scheme of things? “Obviously, the show was on long before I got here, and it’ll be on long after I’m gone,” he predicts. “I’m just glad to be a small, small part of it. I never take for granted that our show is this huge team sport, and I just want to make it as good as I can for as long as I’m fortune enough to be on the team.”

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