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Let the slaps fly!

Young & Restless’s Phyllis has been on a collision course with her former and present rival Diane Jenkins since she showed up in Los Angeles very much alive despite her “murder” years and years before. At the time, Phyllis and Jack had grown close again and Red knew on sight that everything would unravel if Jenkins was allowed to return to Genoa City. Fast forward to the town’s Bicentennial Gala, where it’s all about to come to head between the two women…

While we don’t know the details, Phyllis became so desperate to get rid of Diane that she teamed with dangerous criminal Jeremy Stark. We aren’t sure what their plan is, nor do we know their endgame, other than what we can glean from their cryptic statements in which they allude to “dealing” with Jenkins and “ending this for good”.

We assume that they’re going to frame Diane for something, as Stark instructed Phyllis to gather personal items belonging to her arch-enemy ahead of the gala. We also know that this could involve something pretty extreme, as Phyllis alluded to “having to lie every day for the rest of her life” if they went through with it. She was also an emotional basket case when she ran into her children Daniel and Summer at the ball, almost as if she was seeing them for the last time.
Phyllis Summer Y&R

We’ve speculated that Stark and Phyllis might fake her death and pin it on Diane unless there’s a last-minute mega-twist or double-cross.

Well, buckle up, SOAPS readers because it’s all about to go down, and the way it kicks off is with an epic catfight the likes of which we haven’t seen since the classic battles between Katherine and Jill on Young & Restless.
jill and kay fight young and the restless

As previewed in SOD, part of the plan involves getting Diane alone, so Phyllis will lure Diane away from the party and up to a suite at the Athletic Club where the gala is being held. We can tell you that will happen by the end of Monday’s episode. Once there, all hell breaks loose.

Whether by design or not, a catfight breaks out. After some tussling and a good smack, Jack, Summer, and Kyle bust in through the door in time to see Diane with her hands around Phyllis’s neck hollering that she should “strangle her to death”. Now, surely this can’t be all they had hoped to frame her for, but instead, it’s could be a precursor to Phyllis being found “dead” later. After this scene, Diane’s loved ones will have no choice but to admit that they heard her threaten to kill her redheaded rival right before she perished.

Clearly, the catfight is only the beginning as head writer Josh Griffith has promised “devastating results, not only for the rivals, but for their loved ones as well.” Egad. Get a sneak preview of the clash below:

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Genoa City’s Bicentennial! See your favorite stars gussied up for the gala and on the set in the photo gallery below.

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