Phyllis warns Diane it's over YR
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Big reunions and big drama happen at the Genoa City bi-centennial gala.

In a Young & Restless preview for the week of March 27 – 31, more fan favorites return for the gala. Read what happens and watch the preview below.

The Genoa City bi-centennial gallery kicked off this week with Ashley agreeing to go with Tucker simply to irk her brother Jack. Soon enough, guests began to hit the red carpet. Nick and Sally were left stunned when Adam arrived with Sharon on his arm, which was just the beginning of the surprises.

As Jack and Diane hit the carpet, they were greeted by a familiar voice and face, Leanna Love! Diane was worried that Love would get wind of and leak news of their engagement. They decided tonight might not be the best night to reveal their big news. Coming up, Kyle meets Leanna Love and says, “I don’t know you, but I take it you never stop looking for trouble.” Love replies, “It’s what I do best.” Elsewhere, Danny and Gina greet Traci, Michael, and Lauren at the gala.

After Diane caught Phyllis with Jeremy at the Grand Phoenix, it didn’t take long for her to tell Jack and Summer that Phyllis lied about him leaving town. They all quickly realized that Phyllis was working with Stark. A snooping Phyllis meanwhile found Diane’s engagement ring and figured that Jack and Diane were likely to use the gala to announce their engagement. After another blow-up with Summer, Phyllis was all in on Jeremy’s plan to end Diane once and for all. Next week, in a suite at the GCAC, Diane tells Phyllis, “We’re done here, Phyllis. It’s over.” Phyllis holds up her hand and replies, “Oh believe me, for the first time in your life you are correct. It is so over.”

Keep an eye out for new Young & Restless spoilers to learn who is suspicious of Phyllis, and who receives startling news.

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