Lauralee Bell Y&R
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Celebrate the milestone this Sunday!

Get ready for a Young & Restless 50th anniversary celebration of an entirely different nature! The show, as we all, began its celebrations this week with Genoa City’s bi-centennial gala, but the actual anniversary falls on March 26. There’s a primetime special planned for Monday, of course, but since the anniversary itself falls on a Sunday, there’s sadly no Young & Restless celebration on the day itself.

Except, that’s not entirely true.

Lauralee Bell (Christine) will be “taking over” both Lifetime Movie Network and their Instagram on Sunday to coincide with Young & Restless’ 50th anniversary. The network will be playing five (yes, five!) of Bell’s Lifetime movies in to commemorate the momentous daytime celebration, and the actress didn’t waste any time sharing how “super excited” she was about the news on Instagram.

She promised more details to follow, and we’ve got them all below!

As the network shares her films, Bell will be sharing new, exclusive videos and behind-the-scenes videos and art from her LMN movies, and the whole thing kicks off at 2 PM with Nightmare Tenant, followed by Mistress Hunter at 4 PM and Their Killer Affair at 6 PM.

And VC Andrews fans won’t be left out as the network is showing Ruby at 8 PM and capping off the marathon with Pearl In the Mist, both of which films have Bell starring as evil, manipulative stepmother Daphne Dumas.

“These are so fun to do,” Bell tells, “because they let people see me in a different light. It’s like, ‘See, I’m not just Christine!” Obviously, that’s one of the reasons a person goes into acting, to play different parts.”

Daphne for instance, is “so self-centered and so self-involved. She has no maternal instincts whatsoever. It’s a true acting experience, because it’s completely the opposite of how I am as a mother!”

Lauralee Bell Ruby collage

Exhibit A for how different Bell and Ruby are!

Credit: Grant Harder/Courtesy of Lifetime; elaine lee photography

At least, she’s pretty sure it is! “I hope absolutely no one who knows me sees these movies and says, ‘She reminded me so much of you!’” Bell cracks. “I don’t even look the way people are used to seeing me look, all of which makes it fun for me.”

So don’t worry, Young & Restless fans, you aren’t being left out in the cold on the show’s official anniversary! Hop on over to Lifetime Movie Network and check out their Instagram to connect with Bell and celebrate her work on the show and in the movies!

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