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“I’m offended, but I guess I shouldn’t be surprised.”

The cast and crew have been working overdrive to bring viewers a special episode to mark The Young and the Restless’ 50th anniversary as a way to celebrate daytime’s No. 1 drama. The soap recently shared a hilarious video in order to settle a great debate and asked, “Who is Victor Newman’s favorite child?” Nick, Victoria, Abby or Adam?

Well, some of the cast came out to weigh in with their opinions and Melissa Ordway, who plays Victor’s daughter, started things off by saying how much this topic has been keeping her up at night. Therefore, she wanted nothing more than to get to the bottom of it and stated, “I need to know.”

Mark Grossman jumped in to say, “Adam,” but Ordway objected, “What?! It’s Abby!” But in all fairness, she told Grossman, “You know it’s not either one of us, it’s Victoria.”

Others popped in to agree that it was Victoria but Peter Bergman (Jack) clearly stated, “Abby,” as Michael Mealor (Kyle) agreed. However, Allison Lanier (Summer) thought it was Nick.

Considering Victoria, Abby and Nick received votes, Ordway checked in with Grossman to see how he was feeling since no one had said Adam. “I’m offended,” he said. “But I guess I shouldn’t be surprised because Adam always gets the short end of the stick.”

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The debate continued as one non-Newman appointed himself as Victor’s favorite while another insisted that it should be Abby, since she causes him the least amount of trouble, but gave a good reason why it’s likely Victoria. Joshua Morrow (Nick) informed Ordway that it isn’t their characters, for obvious “obsessive” reasons, then the great man himself took center stage and settled the debate once and for all…

Eric Braeden laughed, as Ordway urged him, “You can answer honestly…”

Find out what Braeden, along with other castmates, had to say in the hilarious video below.

And be sure to leave your thoughts — and votes — in the comments as well!

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