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A blast from the past could make for a very tense future.

The Young and the Restless may have unwittingly stumbled upon its next epic storyline. Dunno if executive producer/headwriter Josh Griffith was paying attention to the pictures from the show’s 50th anniversary party (you can review them here), but among the guests was an actor whose former character is ripe for reactivating: Michael Corbett.


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Goodbye… or TTFN?

Longtime fans will recall that from 1986-91 — after being killed off of Ryan’s Hope and Search for Tomorrow — the soap-hopper played Jill Abbott’s gold-digging assistant, David Kimble. Over the course of his infamous run in Genoa City, the scoundrel went from merely being a mercenary cad to a literal lady killer, one who was so unrepentantly evil that when he was served his just desserts, it was in a trash compactor!

Corbett has already speculated that David could be alive. (Read his thoughts on the matter here.) And considering that everyone from Victor to Diane has at one time or another been presumed “dead,” it’s hardly a stretch of the imagination to think that David could have eluded his fate as well. If he has, Katie, bar the door, because the fit would hit the shan in a big way!


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Panic Attack

David’s return, perhaps to stake a claim on wife Nina’s fortune, would set off fireworks that could be seen all the way to Pine Valley! Chance would make it his mission in life to bring his mother’s longtime tormentor to justice. Christine would at last be moved back into a frontburner plot. David could find an intriguing new ally in Tucker. And imagine if he set his sights on Abby.

Think about it. Victor and Ashley’s daughter is exactly the kind of woman David would go for — rich and gullible. He could sweet-talk her away from Devon, buying the villain’s tall tale about having been redeemed and setting herself up for a grim fate. Chance would move heaven and earth to protect her. So would Devon, Victor, Ashley…

Devon Abby Y&R

“But sweetie, poor decisions are my jam!”

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A ‘Killer’ Twist

In the end, we could be treated to a murder mystery for the ages, one that perhaps the show should have played back when David was at the top of Nina, Christine and Danny’s hit list. Wouldn’t it be fun to see David back in action, wreaking havoc on Genoa City? He’s exactly the kind of charismatic baddie that tends to come around (and around), no? A la Sheila, who the soap and/or Bold & Beautiful dusts off every time one of them needs a shot in the arm.

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