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The Mustache unapologetically stepped up to champion the soap genre after remarks made on national television left him infuriated.

As Young & Restless gears up to go into its 50th anniversary week, one of the soap’s most iconic stars felt compelled to defend the daytime drama and the genre as a whole after a perceived slight by an actress who once worked on the show and went on to primetime success. Eric Braeden (Victor) took the remarks, made during a CNN interview with Chris Wallace on March 19, as disrespectful and lashed out at Eva Longoria (ex-Isabella) on social media.

Soap Twitter was stunned by the turn of events and quickly set to trying to figure out what had set off Braeden, who was not only stung by Longoria’s remarks but went a step further and dissed her acting on Young & Restless to boot.

Although the star didn’t tag the actress, who went on to become a household name in Desperate Housewives, she was looped in by fans who were commenting after the fact. Here’s what he had to say:

Everyone had an opinion on Braeden’s approach, with some labeling it “harsh” and others applauding his efforts to clap back at what he clearly perceived as an insult to the actors and actresses who do the hardest work in the business. As the star pointed out in a subsequent tweet, he would know:

So, what did Longoria say to spark this kind of reaction? We have the clip, so you can decide for yourself if it warranted the reaction it got from the Young & Restless icon. Our take? While her remarks are open to interpretation, at the very least her behavior in the interview — cringing and referring to Young & Restless as that show — is arguably perpetuating the very stereotype that compelled her to hide her association with the daytime drama all those years ago.

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