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This threat isn’t even on the CEO’s radar.

Young & Restless’s Victoria is well aware of the issues impeding her plan to acquire McCall Unlimited and of the roadblocks involved when it comes to getting Nate into bed, but there is one threat she’s blissfully unaware of that could potentially blindside her… and cause her to lose out on both.

Always proving to be her father’s daughter, Victoria is determined to get her hands on McCall Unlimited at any cost. When Tucker rescinded his initial offer to sell to her, she went so far as to ask Nate to try and persuade his cousin Devon not to buy his father’s company, and when he balked, went over to the billionaire’s penthouse herself. This was actually a move that tipped Devon off to how desperately she wants McCall Unlimited and was a rare misstep on her part. Regardless, Victor has now stepped in to wheel and deal with Devon, who basically told him if he could get Jill and Lily to let him have Hamilton-Winters back, he’d walk away from McCall.

When it comes to Nate, Victoria is just as hot to trot. Not only has she kissed her subordinate multiple times at the office, but she also invited him up to her hotel suite for sex — and that was after he had reminded her of his feelings for live-in love, Elena. The indecent proposal didn’t work, as Nate once again reiterated his commitment to his woman, but Victoria did get a win in that Nate admitted just how attracted to her he is and how tempted he felt by her invitation.
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As Elena pointed out, Victoria is ruthless and will not stop until she gets what she wants. This is true for both the McCall deal and Nate, so it seems inevitable that she’ll land both, right?

Maybe not.

A wildcard of sorts presented itself this week when Young & Restless’s newest vixen expressed an interest not only in having Nate for herself but was approached by Tucker with a cryptic proposal that alluded to giving her incentive to undermine the Newmans when it comes to his company.

Audra Charles is a character who certainly needs to be fleshed out more but if there’s one thing we know about her, it’s that she’s in it for herself. She does what’s best for her at the time and isn’t one to get hung up on loyalties. That said, she has a history with Tucker, who appeared to be about to dangle an offer she wouldn’t be able to refuse when last we saw them. His angle? He wants Devon and not the Newmans heading up his empire. Should Audra accept, she’s in a perfect position to sabotage Victoria’s efforts to secure the company and help McCall get what he wants.
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Why would she want to do this to Victoria? Well, it was also revealed that Audra has a thing for Nate and wants him for herself. She doesn’t take Elena seriously but is well aware that her boss presents a much more formidable threat to getting what she wants.

Audra has already proven to be adept at manipulating situations, having planted seeds of doubt in Elena’s mind about where Nate’s fidelity. What if she were to maneuver against Victoria’s interests?

“Pshh,” you’re thinking, “Audra is no match for Victoria Newman.” That may be true, but in this case, she’d have the element of surprise as she’s not even on Victoria’s radar as a rival for Nate, and she has no reason to suspect she’d undermine her at Newman Enterprises, having proved her ‘loyalty’ by bringing them information about Tucker previously.

A betrayal by Audra could utterly blindside Victoria with devastating consequences if she were to lose both the object of her desire and the acquisition. Victor would surely not be pleased. He might even hand Victoria’s CEO seat to Adam if he blames her for not anticipating the threat.

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