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In Genoa City turnabout is fair play… right?

Jeremy Stark has invested a lot of time and patience into waiting for just the right time to exact revenge on Young & Restless’s Diane, and Phyllis has nothing left to lose… which means their plan is going to be a humdinger.

We’ve only had a few glimpses into what Stark has in store for his ex-flame, but we already know it’s going to involve setting her up. Why else would he have asked Phyllis to access the Abbott mansion to get her hands on a few personal items belonging to Diane? Just like Jack and Diane planting evidence to frame Jeremy for the theft of Nikki’s necklace, Stark clearly intends to incriminate Diane in some sort of crime. Unfortunately for Jack’s fiancée, we have the feeling it’s not going to be small potatoes.

Fans have been crying out for Young & Restless’s newest villain to — well — villain. Viewers want to see him behave like a true soap baddie and finally do something much more diabolical than mailing out novels with happy face stickers.

We think those fans will get their wish with Jeremy’s latest scheme, which he’s undertaking with the help of the notorious Phyllis, who is in a position, as we mentioned, where she has nothing left to lose. She sold the hotel, lost her job with Marchetti, her job on the gaming platform, and is on the outs with Summer and Daniel big time with no hope for reconciliation in sight.

In addition, Red’s conversations with Stark have shown us that she believes that by agreeing to whatever it is she’s agreed to do beyond a B&E at the Abbott Estate, she is protecting her loved ones. Much like Victor, Phyllis will do anything for her kids — no matter how twisted it may appear to the rest of the world.

Twisted might be a good word for what Jeremy has in mind for Diane, who may be about to get a taste of her own medicine in more ways than one. She not only framed Stark for a theft that could have sent him back to jail for eons, but she faked her own death and walked away from Genoa City leaving her enemies (including Phyllis, Ashley, Nikki, etc.) to potentially go to prison for life for her ‘murder’.

In daytime, turnabout is often considered fair play, and that’s what we imagine might be happening in this case. Jeremy is bent on setting up Diane to pay her back for sending him to jail twice and for framing him, and if he takes it as far as we believe he might, Phyllis could turn the tables on Diane for faking her death in the past and cruelly leaving others to fry for it (and her son to believe she was dead).

Yep, Jeremy and Phyllis are in the perfect position to kill two birds with one stone (kinda like the way Diane ‘died’ in the park) if they frame her for… murder.

Imagine Diane getting a first-hand look at what it felt like for the Genoa City residents she left in her wake to be accused of killing her and face a life behind bars — and for Jeremy to be framed for something he didn’t do.

Adding fuel to our suspicions are photos of some of the cast in dark clothes some might say are appropriate for a funeral. They just happen to be characters that would certainly be in attendance if there were a funeral for Phyllis.

What we’re suggesting is that Jeremy may be planning to frame Diane for Phyllis’s murder — with the redhead’s full co-operation of course. There’s nothing left for her in Genoa City (or so she may be thinking) and in her mind, by faking her death and disappearing she’d be sticking it to Diane in a way she truly deserves all while protecting her family.

The plan certainly has its flaws — Phyllis would be allowing her children to believe she’s dead just as Diane did to Kyle — and secondly, the dead person will almost certainly be irresistibly drawn back to Genoa City to observe the results of her machinations, thus risking exposure. Perhaps the ruse will be uncovered and that’s why James Hyde appears to have confirmed his exit as Stark.

Do you think Jeremy’s plan is to frame Diane for Phyllis’s ‘murder’? Check out James Hyde’s behind-the-scenes photo dump with cast members in funeral darks and decide for yourself. As a bonus, get a gander at the backdrop, which is what appears to be a new or revamped set.

Note the Allison Lanier photobomb as ‘Summer’ flashes the peace sign in the background.

Will it all go down at the bicentennial gala? Will Diane be arrested at the funeral?

Football foes but on-set bros.

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