Summer and Kyle learn Jack and Diane engaged YR
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Tucker lets Adam know what not going to let happen with his company.

In a Young & Restless preview for the week of March 13 – 17, Nate is grilled by Elena. Read what happens and watch the preview below.

Victor told Victoria that he was after McCall Unlimited so that Adam could run it, even though Adam wanted Victoria’s CEO job instead. Meanwhile, Ashley had her own ideas about Tucker’s company seeing she bought up his debt and wanted him to sell it to his son, Devon. Coming up, Adam tells Tucker, “I might actually end up being the next CEO of your empire.” Tucker replies, “Over my dead body.”

Nate and Victoria have shared several kisses at work, and have already tipped off Audra’s suspicions. Nate realized he’d crossed a line, but Victoria felt Elena must not be giving him everything he needs. In a preview of what’s to come, Elena asks Nate to tell her what’s going on with him and Victoria.

Last week, Jack proposed to Diane, who stunned him and said no! She felt it wasn’t right to keep bringing chaos into his life. He swore to her they were a team, a team against Stark, and it was time for them to stop denying their love and finally take this last step. He said the time wasn’t right before, but it is now. Diane lept into his arms and said yes. Coming up, it’s time to tell the family their news. Jack, with Diane next to him, tells Kyle and Summer that he proposed to Diane and says, “lucky me, she accepted.” So why don’t Summer and Kyle seem to share in their joy?

Read the Young & Restless spoilers to find out who puts a plan into motion, and what Nick gives his brother, Adam.

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