Sharon Case black Y&R
Credit: Brian Lowe/JPI (3)

It was a compliment, everybody. Chillax.

To a large portion of the Young & Restless audience, Sharon and Nick are endgame. And if that turned out to be the case, that would be just fine by their portrayers, Sharon Case and Joshua Morrow. They have the kind of rapport that can only be built over years (and years).

“We are each other’s easiest scene partner,” Case said during a recent episode of The Locher Room (which you can watch in full below). “We don’t have to think about [the scene] or worry about it, it’s all just gonna come naturally.

“We don’t ever rehearse it or run lines,” she added. “If the crew’s ready, we’re ready to shoot it. It is like riding a bike [when we work together]. We’re lucky to have that in each other.”

Ah, the way they were…

Credit: Brian Lowe/JPI (3)

The longtime castmates not only have in one another a dependable scene partner but an intuitive friend. “We know each other so well,” Case marveled. “If there’s anything off about me, [Joshua] can read what I’m thinking instantly. He knows right where I’m going, if I’m going to be sad in this scene, if I’m sad in real life.

“He once described me as an old, favorite sweatshirt you put on,” she continued, “and a lot of people took that the wrong way, but he was giving me a compliment — meaning that it’s reliable and familiar and warming and comforting.”

Until “Shick” gets their next “I do”-over, relive their romance in the below photo gallery.