Kate Linder Little White Lie
Credit: Saban Films

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It’s hard to imagine anyone having an issue with The Young and the Restless‘ Esther, right? After all, she and her iconic feather duster are right up there with The Brady Bunch‘s Alice and Rosie of The Jetsons fame when it comes to lovable domestics! Yet Kate Linder — who’s been a Genoa City mainstay since 1982 — recently came across someone who definitely would not be joining Esther’s fan club.

Ironically, the party pooper has a lot in common with Esther… including a face, given that Linder plays both. See, the actress is currently featured in the flick A Little White Lie, in which she plays the no-nonsense president of a university “Esther would be very intimidated, but the college president would remind her a little bit of Mrs. C., which would make it easier,” muses Linder.

On the other hand, she says that her big-screen alter ego “would have no patience for Esther, because she has no patience with anyone!”

Linder says that she had a blast filming the rom-com — the trailer for which you can watch below — which stars Kate Hudson, Michael Shannon, Don Johnson and Zach Braff. And as it turned out, there was something of a mutual-admiration society formed on set. “I was honored that people from both sides of the camera watched Young & Restless and knew Esther!”

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The production did wind up hitting a snag when things had to be shut down for over a year thanks to Covid. “I only had one day left to shoot,” says Linder, adding she was “worried that we wouldn’t be able to finish! Amazingly, we were able to pick right back up. It was like no time had passed!”

Of course, being away from the set that long presented a few unique challenges! “It’s a tribute to everyone involved that you are unable to tell what parts were shot earlier and which ones were completed months later,” she marvels. “When we were finally able to resume shooting, it was like we were one big family because we already knew each other. I had not had that experience before on a film.”

A Little White Lie is currently playing in theaters and, conveniently enough, is available via On Demand services.

Join us in walking down Memory Lane with Linder and her beloved Young & Restless alter ego via the photo-filled gallery below!