Restless Rant
Week of January 25 – 29:

Well folks, The Young and the Restless put in a pretty strong week! The power plays and family drama have been top notch. If I had an issue, it would only be that the show has been a little light on romance and comedic relief this week with so much focus on the big, bad Tucker takeover, and the Loopy Lauren stuff. You all know how I like to have a good balance happening! That said, let’s take a look at the finer (and not so fine) points:

Tucker Recast Report: This has been one of the big talking points of the week. Although the changeover was pretty seamless, numerous viewers have been asking, “Why fix what wasn’t broken?” William Russ had caught on with a majority of fans, shared great chemistry with his leading lady (Jess Walton as Jill), as well as with his ‘mother’, Katherine (Jeanne Cooper). Naturally, Stephen Nichols stepped in and began doing a professional job in the role – he’s a Daytime actor extraordinaire – and I have no complaints with his performance at all. Being expected to adjust to a change that seems unnecessary does irk me, but apparently those in charge see something in Stephen that is better suited for Tucker’s storyline down the road… Whether that’s true, or just a party line to justify the swap, remains to be seen.

Noble Noah: Only in soapland would a teen be campaigning to go live in Paris with his girlfriend and her mystery aunt, using the bad behavior of the adults in his life to make his case! I thought it was cute to see Noah reprimanding Abby on her drinking this week too. Kevin Schmidt is so good as Noah! For those who aren’t in the loop yet, Kevin will be off the canvas for a couple of months to do another project – hence the need for the character to go to Paris. I wonder if Noah will figure out what Daisy is up to before he leaves?

Loopy Lauren and Crazy Daisy: What a pair! I just about want to pull my hair out at the roots when these two are onscreen lately. Daisy’s ‘poor me’ act, and syrupy voice, are on my last nerve! Let’s get her mother on the scene so she can drop the façade! As for Lauren, it’s obvious to me that Daisy is ‘poisoning’ her with a tea that produces migraines and extreme PMS symptoms! Poor Michael! Seriously, this story is really in need of a fast-forward – it’s suffering from ‘drag-it-out-until-no-one-cares’ syndrome. Whether Daisy’s mother is Sheila or someone else, she needs to reveal herself to Lauren (and us) and let the dance begin!

Ryder: Note how they are morphing him into ‘misunderstood good guy’. It’s working, and I like it.

Raising Cane: I’m all in favor of the writers raising Cane’s profile again and bringing him out of the doldrums of life as Lily’s doting doormat. Now listen, it’s not that I don’t appreciate the romance between the two of them, or the way in which he supports her, it’s that Daniel Goddard is far too interesting and talented an actor to be relegated to making Lily tea and leafing through photo albums. It’s been a relief to see him interacting in the business world again, and mixing it up in scenes with Jill, Kay, and Tucker. That said, it remains just a little weird that he knows what he’s doing in the corporate world considering his background! Oh well, at least he’ll be in a position of power now if any cattle rustlers arrive on the scene!

Victor’s Vengeance: What fantastic scenes he’s shared with his sons and business rivals/allies this past week! He’s really back in a big way. Wish I could say the same for Nikki, who seems to have caught a nasty case of uppitywitchitus over in Europe and has been mainly snippy since she returned – not fun to watch. C’mon writers! Getting back to Victor, receiving Colleen’s heart certainly did nothing to change his ruthless, I mean, single-minded, approach to life! I totally enjoyed the scenes between Victor and Billy at Restless Style, and I’m thrilled with the deliciously scathing things he said in the interview to rile Adam up. Stay tuned for exciting reveals in this storyline on Monday!