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Her hatred of Diane may be leading her down the path of no return.

Be afraid, Young & Restless fans. Be very afraid. The week of March 6 could turn out to be “killer” in more ways than one. Not only is it poised to pound the last nail in the coffin of Phyllis’ relationship with Jack, but it just might put Diane (back) in the grave!

The Enemy of My Enemy Is My Friend

With Jeremy back in Genoa City and anxious to “reconnect” with Diane, Phyllis has a golden opportunity to further her vendetta by aligning herself with him, Soap Opera Digest reports. And though she would be wise not to take it, “this obsession is so overtaking everything else that she’s reaching a point [that it’s] to the detriment of her relationship with Summer, with Daniel and even with her best friends, Michael and Lauren,” headwriter Josh Griffith tells the magazine. “Phyllis just can’t let go of this sense that Diane has stolen the life that she should have had.”

As a result, the redhead could end up shortening Diane’s life, period.

Phyllis Y&R

“Press 1 if you loathe Diane, 2 if you despise her… ”

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Knowledge Is Power

When Phyllis comes to find out that her nemesis is hiding out at the Abbott cabin, she could point Jeremy in that direction and potentially be rid of Diane forever. Phyllis even goes so far as to text Jeremy that she’s found what he’s been looking for. But would she really go so far as to set Diane up for what could turn out to be the real death of her?

“Phyllis will justify what she’s doing till her dying breath,” Griffith says. Unfortunately for her, “everything is about to blow up in her face.”

Jack Diane Y&R

“To a long and happy life!”

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What Could Have Been

Ironically, it was this insatiable passion that once drew Jack to Phyllis. As Peter Bergman tells, his character “always loved the craziness and impetuousness that she brought to the table. But there was always something of an agreement between them, which was when she used him in her schemes. When she was doing all this scheming with other people, that was one thing. But when he was used? That went beyond the boundaries of what they had worked so hard to establish.”

If Phyllis wound up returning Diane to the great beyond, Bergman for one would be sorry. “Susan Walters is amazing,” he says of his leading lady. “Diane can be conniving and duplicitous and downright evil sometimes, but she is absolutely, no-question-in-your-mind dead honest sincere in her need to re-establish a life with Kyle and her affection for Jack.

“When she’s in a room with Jack, Diane is the very best person she can be,” he continues. “When she’s in a room with Kyle, she’s better still. She is a good person who wants only the best for him. The rest of the town does not get the same Diane, and they never have.”

At this rate, they may never. Do you think Phyllis would really set up Diane to be killed? On your way to the comments, celebrate the soap’s anniversary with our massive photo gallery that takes you from the show’s debut… to today.