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The Daytime Emmy Award-winning actor has a lot to be thankful for.

Things may be rocky on the homefront in the reel world for Victor and his often estranged son Adam, but in the real world, The Young and the Restless’ Eric Braeden is very close with his son Christian Gudegast and shared some great news surrounding his career.

While Gudegast may not be some powerful executive in the business world, like many positions filled by various Newmans in Genoa City over the years, he is a writer, director and producer and like his proud pops stated, is currently filming Den of Thieves 2 — and not only that, Braeden revealed, “He wrote it as well!”

Gudegast, who clearly has a striking resemblance to his father, was a writer on the first Den of Thieves film, starring Gerard Butler and rapper 50 Cent. But did you know that his CBS soap star dad was also in the 2018 action flick? Yep, Braeden played the role of Ziggy Zerhusen!

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And though there’s no word as of yet on whether or not he will appear in the sequel, Braeden is keeping his daytime fans glued to their screens, as he works to make things right between him and Adam once again, which is likely to create more drama… We all know from past experiences, that sometimes the great and powerful Newman has to step on the toes of his other kids in order to reconcile with the one he often fights with the most.

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