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The Mustache will not be amused when a strategic move backfires spectacularly.

We’ve already laid out how Young & Restless’s Victor is in a lose/lose situation when it comes to his plan to acquire McCall Unlimited and hand it to Adam, but things are about to go from bad to worse when Victoria’s strategic move to improve their chances backfires…

After learning that Tucker had offered Devon his company (thanks to Audra), Victoria’s initial response to the crisis was to send Nate to do her dirty work with his cousin. Nate balked at the idea of sabotaging Devon and reminded his boss that he was unlikely to listen to a word he had to say after their falling out, which has left them totally alienated.

Presumably, Nate refuses to do his cousin wrong again because the preview has Victoria paying Devon a visit at the penthouse herself and questioning him about McCall. She asks him if Tucker offered him the company — and his amused response tells us all we need to know — he’s onto her.

Victoria is an incredibly intelligent woman — one would have to be in order to be Victor Newman’s mini-me and take over his empire — but in this case, she’s slipped up. Her calculated move to try and dissuade Devon from buying his father’s company will only serve to pique his interest.

By showing up at Devon’s apartment herself, Victoria is, in effect, showing her hand. If McCall Unlimited was such a terrible prospect, as she’d have Devon believe, then why is she giving it a second thought, let alone going out of her way, as a busy CEO, to hold a conversation with him about it? It’s not like the pair are friends after she manipulated his cousin in an effort to manipulate her way into taking control of Chancellor-Winters via their planned IPO.
Devon Victoria Y&R

Yes, Victoria, your agenda is showing! Devon, of course, quickly deduces that Newman Enterprises is keenly interested in Tucker’s company. As Bryton James told SOD, “Devon doesn’t understand yet why McCall is so valuable to Victoria, but now he wants to do his due diligence before making a decision.”

We’re thinking that Devon will realize he’s in the driver’s seat when it comes to the sought after company, which could also serve as a safety net to him as he goes into the daunting lawsuit against Lily and Jill… and his ex, hotshot attorney Amanda.

It’s safe to say that whatever move Devon makes, Victor is going to become aware of Victoria’s visit to his former mentee and will realize that her transparent motives left Newman Enterprises at a huge disadvantage.

If Newman loses out on the McCall deal altogether, Victoria could also lose her CEO seat… to Adam. After all, Victor’s looking to install him somewhere, and if it can’t be at McCall, then it may well be to take the place of the person who lost them the lucrative deal.

Do you think Victor would replace Victoria with Adam? How do you see this playing out? Let us know in the comment section below.

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