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Plus, see which clip she picked as an all-time favorite!

When it comes to iconic daytime pairings, the word “supercouple” is perhaps thrown about a bit too casually. There are, however, a few who truly deserve that title. General Hospital‘s Luke and Laura come to mind, as do Days of Our Lives‘ Bo and Hope. And when it comes to The Young and the Restless — which has seen a fair number of contenders for that rarified title — Victor and Nikki reign supreme.

“No one was more surprised than me when a matchmaker named Bill Bell set Nikki up with Victor,” says her portrayer, Melody Thomas Scott in a new promo celebrating the soap’s upcoming 50th anniversary. The “matchmaker” she references was, of course, Young & Restless‘ legendary co-creator who, with wife Lee Phillip Bell, crafted the tale which would see a handsome, reclusive billionaire fall for a beautiful, tempestuous stripper. Although the Bells are sadly no longer with us, the show they brought to life remains daytime’s most popular drama… thanks in no small part to Nikki and Victor’s love story.

Nikki Victor Y&R

“After four decades,” Scott continues, “I think we can say Niktor is for keeps!”

Of course, it didn’t always seem as if that would necessarily be the case. Because no pair can truly be dubbed a “supercouple” until they have had a minimum of three marriages, a few affairs and several very romantic reunions… at least one of which should ideally involve someone coming back from the dead.

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As it happens, when asked to pick one of her favorite moments, Scott selected a clip which checks several of those boxes: It is the classic 1994 moment in which Nikki weeps over the grave of her supposedly dead true love only to have him reveal that rumors of his demise were greatly exaggerated. The music swells, the tears flow and the lovers are reunited in the most romantic way possible.

As it turns out, this clip is just the first of many which will be presented in the coming days as Young & Restless prepares to mark 50 years on the air by having stars share their favorite moments. Look for new clips to be posted each day exclusively on Paramount Plus and Head there daily to find out which memories your favorite stars pick to share!

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